Ganaraska Bound!

This weekend is Cayuse Canter at Ganaraska forest (towards Peterborough area).  I am greatly looking forward to it despite my last minute changes this week.

After finding out that the 14 mile set speed, and the 7 mile ride and tie were going at the same time, I had to make some tough decisions.  My initial plan was to do the SS and the RNT (with Bentley being ridden by our crew as a sponsor), then do the SS on Sunday.  This would bump our mileage up from 37 in a weekend at Aprilfest, to 51.  Not an unreasonable increase at all with the work we have been putting in since then and his great performance previously.

However, now with them both running at the same time, I either had to choose between the 2 rides, or do the Novice Competitive Trail (which I was avoiding like the plague before).  Since our crew had already got their OEF just to ride as a sponsor, I decided I would have to do the CTR.  Doing nothing before the RNT wasnt an option as despite how mature Bentley has been on the trail, I dont want to send him out fresh with a beginner.

So I reassured myself that 26+7+30 wasn’t going to be too much for him since we can go slow, and choose to withdraw any time.  Why not try right?

Well plans changed again slightly from that, as his would be rider for the RNT had to cancel.  That’s a relief, 7 miles I don’t have to worry about.  But I am still planning on doing the CTR because no matter how much I think to myself “WHY WOULD I EVER DO THIS” at the start of the RNT, at the end of the RNT I always feel more accomplished than any other of the OCTRA sports.  Plus, the RNT crowd is always so encouraging and I love the support that comes with them.

So now as it stands, we are only set for 56 miles, not too far off from my original plan.  This could be good, we are doing the CTR at novice level so it will be a lot of long slow distance, giving us the opportunity to speed up Sunday if we feel really awesome and want to.

We still need a sponsor for the RNT however, so if you are reading this and want to be our cheerleader and get the miles for your horse (and don’t want to do the full 14 after finishing your CTR) please please please find me!  If you don’t have a horse, but have your memberships and want to experience the trail, I may be convinced to let you take Bentley if he doesn’t seem too tired after CTR 🙂

Here is a picture of Linda and I doing the RNT at Cayuse last year… our first RNT ever and we came in second place! (To Solstice of course)



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