Coining new terms

I will get to my reflections on Cayuse Canter soon, but I first wanted to tell a funny story that really sticks out from this weekend.  We even have a new phrase to go along with it.  It isn’t uncommon for us to make up a new phrase at each ride we attend such as Branch-In-Face or Vetting-Under-the-Influence.

When we came into the finish after Saturday’s ride (CTR) the judge (Fred) had me trot Bentley out a second time.  This is never a good sign, because it means he must have have “seen” something.  Also, everyone in camp sees you trot out that second time and holds their breath for you, expecting doom.  That second trot is probably the worst feeling a rider could have at the end of a seemingly perfect ride.

The vet seemed to think there was an issue in Bentley’s hocks, he was looking a little stiff.  The standard phrase I seem to hear is “you should have your regular vet come and take a look” which isn’t exactly helpful determining a cause before deciding whether to go out another day, but I understand its likely a liability thing.  Nobody wants to give a diagnosis and be wrong.  After the funny looking trot, the vet did some stretches to see if he could close the hock angle – basically trying to pull his back legs up to his belly.  Bentley didnt want to close it fully.  The vet thought perhaps he could be developing arthritis, but again, home vet should be looking at it with all their tools.

I came back to the trough, looking white as a sheet and very quiet.  Panic always sets in when the “L” word is used.  Most people didn’t see much of an issue and called it “CTR Lame” in an attempt to make me feel better, since CTR is much pickier than the other distance sports when it comes down to that.  We got another drink at the trough and went back to camp, a million thoughts running through my head.

Then, almost immediately after I let Bentley loose in his corral, he let out a very long – Austin Powers long – pee.  “Hey Lee, did Bentley pee when you had him on our hold?”  “no, why?”  “He didn’t pee while I was riding either”  Oh… could it be?  He just really had to pee?

I thought back over the day, and it would have been about 6 hours he had to hold it, all while chugging water greedily each time it was offered.  I can imagine that would make him trot funny and not want to stretch up!

Next day he was rechecked again by Fred, and he was perfectly sound!  Fred asked about it and I explained the story.  He and the vets howled over how funny it was, no wonder!

On the plus side, Bentley did pee on our hold on day 2 even though we were at an away vet check, Lee took him behind a tree which I suppose offered him enough privacy to do his business.

So lesson learned – always take Bentley back to camp to pee before judging so he isn’t “Pee Lame”  again. Silly diva horse won’t pee in public.


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