Gettin back to it.

Its been a while since I have posted, and I have my reasons.

I do intend to start writing updates again, but most of these are just going to be training records for me and maybe some family, but not public.  Something I can look back on and see how far I have come, or that little trick that I had long since forgot, or the reverse… things I don’t want to repeat!


There will still be some public posts for everyone to enjoy, and if you really want all the other stuff, you can always seek me out to get the passwords.


Of course, too much has gone on since my last post and it would be impossible to update with all the details, so here are the highlights:

-Summer Solstice ride – 25 Mile CTR (competitive trail ride), placed 10th – same as last CTR!

– Moved Bentley to Halton Place – a move of convenience so I can see him while I am at work weekends, and it makes trailering with Linda easier.

– Set Speed Championships – Rode 2 days, 15 Mi and 30 Mi (bronze), earned grade 1 both days.  Linda won reserve champ in the gold level.  Not sure how I placed for bronze level since we couldnt stick around for awards, but Solstice thought it may have been 5th.  Recoveries were awesome and Bentley was a true champion… crossing bouncy bridges and almost swimming through “mud puddle road”

– Lots of good training rides in both heat and cool.  Last weekend finally explored 3rd line and although we were alone, Bentley was mostly game to go anywhere.  People seem to love seeing us ride on the roads, because I have seen a lot slow down to wave, show their kids, or *gasp* take their hands off the wheel and take photos of us.

– Lots of good jumping lessons also with Lynn


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