When riding lessons pay off in real world…

Just got back from meeting with the “sign guy” at work regarding a big sign for out front of one of our offices.  This is my time to shine!

He said it was going to be 10′ across and went to get his tape measure.  Oh no need for that, I just walked the 10 feet for my boss, as if I were walking a jump course, and said “this is what the width will be.”  Sign guy came back with tape measure, and I had got it within a quarter inch (and in heels with a twisted ankle!).  Oh ya!

But it doesn’t stop there.  Nope.

I ask “how high will the letters be?” to which he responds “4.1 inches”.  I hold up my hand as if I was measuring my horse, and proudly spread my fingers to exactly 4.1 inches, confirmed by the measuring tape.

I can’t wait to tell Lynn.


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