Mongol Derby 2014 – Guess who is riding in it?

This video has been circling around my friends on facebook recently.  Can you imagine how hard it was for me to keep my mouth (or fingers) quiet, knowing that just hours before this video was released, I was being interviewed as a potential rider for the world’s longest and toughest horse race?

The email came in, and I made the short list!  My heart was racing, I wanted to cry, laugh, scream, and jump around (the fact that I had double my normal coffee intake didn’t help either!).  I dropped some hints, but wanted to keep generally quiet until I had a chance to talk to my family about it. I am just sorting through my bank’s stringent security features to hold my entry, but pending that… its on!

Let me give you a quick summary.  The Mongol Derby is the world’s longest and toughest horse race.  Come August 2014, I will be traveling to the Mongolian Steppe to complete 1000 kms on horseback.  I will ride 25 different horses in a relay lasting anywhere from 7 to 10 days, sometimes riding over 12 hours a day.  These horses are semi-wild, having about a month of breaking and basic training before I pick my steed out of a lineup.  Some nights I will literally sleep under the Mongolian sky with a horse, praying the critters of the night leave me be.  It will be up to me to navigate my own way using GPS (no trail markers here!) to find each checkpoint.  This is a race and an adventure unlike any other.  Only 35 riders worldwide are selected each year, this year over 150 applied.  What an honor!

So from this point forward, my blog here will be dedicated to my journey to and through the Mongol Derby.  Perhaps the first the first order of business is to rename the blog and maybe a tagline?  Any suggestions?

I am going to be looking to my friends, family, and businesses for sponsorship and support, so be prepared for me to hit you up!  Here are a few ways you can start to support me while I get my ideas together:

  1. Offer me money! I really hate this part, but its going to be a very expensive journey.  My fees alone are about £8000, plus airfare, equipment, and of course a minimum charitable donation (and I hate to do anything charitable at just “minimum”). Also if you have any fundraising suggestions, tell me!  What would you buy to show your support?  T-shirts? Pancakes? Troll dolls? Of course, all sponsors will be given lots of credit through my site and potential for other ways of advertising, and of course, my eternal gratitude.
  2. Share my blog!  I want to get as much media (both social and traditional) as possible! I am willing to do interviews with all types.
  3. Offer me ride time on your most cantankerous pony.  I love my horsie, but in preparation I need to ride literally anything and everything to prepare myself for what is ahead of me.  Within a reasonable driving distance please.  I will also be offering Bentley up for lease or partboard, so if you know anyone who wants a top notch distance horse (or eventer or jumper, he’s suitable and enjoys all those) please do not hesitate to reach me!
  4. Knowledge – please share it!  Anything from multi-day riding tips to survival skills.  I am a sponge and I await your advice!
  5. Show me the love.  Seriously – comment on my blog, watch my youtube videos, give me huge hugs.  It means a ton to me!

For all of the above, email me at cuthbertson.sarah@gmail.com!

Keep watching for more.


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