The process

I had a few people ask how I got selected/considered for this.  So I want to share!

First off, I heard about this almost a year ago, when I blog I follow (http://wildhorseproject.blogspot.ca/) shared that she would be participating in the Derby in 2013.  This had me spending hours going through the official Derby website (http://www.theadventurists.com/the-adventures/mongol-derby) reading every single detail – this was something for me… something I MUST do.

The goal became for me to complete the Derby before I turned 30 – as that is the date I imagine I will stop bouncing quite so well.  Of course I have big dreams with Bentley – WEG, PanAm, Tevis etc, but I trust I wont need the ability to bounce quite so much with him – so this must be done first!

A little over a week and a half ago, I realized they were accepting applications for 2014 – yikes I will already be 28 by then! Expecting I would need to apply a few times before being accepted, I tossed my name in the hat and forgot about it for a day or two.

That was until they contacted my riding reference: Linda.  I hadnt even told her I had actually submitted the application yet!  She wrote me one fantastic reference – which I know was the ultimate reason I was selected.  I cannot thank her enough!

Within a few days of that (one week ago today) I got a call from a previous derby rider and interviewed about my riding experience: when did I start riding, give examples of the difficult horses I have ridden in the past, how would I ride a strange/wild horse, what is my travel experience, do I know how to take care of the horses and return them in good condition.  I was able to ask her a few questions too – of course, I asked her: did you absolutely love it?  Of course, how could you not (when you are as crazy and adventurous as one must be to enter it!)?  I completely didnt expect for everything to happen so fast.  It was a little overwhelming, but I decided to go for it!

The rest is pretty obvious – I got the email saying I was accepted, convinced Lee that its not a deathwish (or a debtwish) and shared the exciting news with my family, then you all!

Here is another thing though… they are still doing interviews!  So yes, you still can apply!


We could totally team up 🙂



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