Thank you for the support!

Just wanted to send out a note to everyone.

Thanks for all the support you have been giving me.  Ever since I made the announcement through facebook and a (somewhat solicitous) email to friends and family, I have had a wave of kind words and well wishes.  It means a ton to me!

Thank  you too for all those who have offered to sponsor me.  I am doing my best to keep the sponsor page up to date daily, but will be away at my last race of the season this weekend (so if you see your name up this weekend, you will on Monday!)

I am still working through my budget, but anything above my costs (including what I put into it myself through my re-instated spaghetti diet!) will be going to the charities.  I am waiting to hear back from the charity I have selected as my first choice.  Hopefully we hit it off and I can say who it will be soon!  In the meantime, you can take a look through the charity chosen by the organizers (half the charity donation will go here)

Save the Rainforest with the Adventurists and Cool Earth


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