Off to the Royal

On Friday I had the luxury of a half day (after pleading to my boss that EVERYONE was going!) and had a lovely trip to the Royal Winter Fair with my friend Heather and her son.


I spent most of the day crippled with laughter as her son shook every curtain pole in the building, we saw pigs going bonkers during judging, and too many more fun and funny things to list.

I also figured out how to do the Royal on a budget. Here we are “sampling” cheese at the cheese show… in other words, loading up on bread and cheese so we don’t have to buy dinner!


I had never gotten into the cheese demonstrations before, it had always been too busy. Lesson learned, go midday during the week!

I also enjoyed touring around the booth and admitting my ulterior motives to the vendors – I’m looking for sponsorship! I was selective in my approach and met some really incredible business people who I hope I can work with in the future.

Later, Heather had to leave so I met up with Linda, Phyllis, Solstice, Lynn and Dawn for the horse show.

Guy McLean was my favorite part of the show, he was so funny and an incredible horseman. What an inspiration!


Solstice and with the setup of indoor eventing in the back.

All of the shows on the night schedule were fun. The showjumping was tense as a LOT of rails came down, Solstice invented a game where we had to bet on how many rails each rider would have down – we had to say after the 2nd jump.


This jump was right in front of us and seemed to come down the most!

The driving events were interesting, we know nothing about these, but took our best stab at it any way. Linda and I liked the same ones it seemed, and we weren’t always horribly off


And of course, the indoor eventing was a blast and most relatable to me. I told Lynn that we need to blare psych up music for all my jumping lessons now. It was certainly fun to watch them fly through it to the music.


Overall, I think it was a fun and productive day at the royal!


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