Models abusing riding equipment

I have a tendency to get distracted sometimes and find myself wandering around the internet looking at all sorts of lovely riding equipment etc.  Sometimes I see photos and wonder if the models and photographers have ever seen a horse.  Here are some good ones from the site I was looking at today.

How to warp a tree in 17 minutes or less.

The most logical thing to do when you see a saddle facing the wrong way on the floor.  Don’t dust it off and put it on the stand, CRUSH IT!


Yes, I can totally picture myself riding in these lovely breeches: eyes forward, shoulders back, heels dow— err?  What?

Presenting – the amazing vanishing child!



I will give them this: their stuff is beautiful and should I ever win the lottery, I have a few pieces I would snatch up in a hurry, but a little part of me dies every time I see a beautiful saddle being smooshed. Its one thing for clueless fashion designers to have equipment and styling blunders, but I do expect better from an equestrian company.

Here are some high fashion ones I found just to round out the humor of today:


I snapped this one from a magazine a few months back. Not sure what colour you would call this, but they might want to either wash this poor boy or take him to the vet.  Spray-paint isn’t a good look outside of Halloween.  The model looks a little dazed, perhaps she DOES know a thing about horses and thinks this alien species is about to abduct her.

YES!  Anyone else confused why this horse has a bit in its mouth without any reins?  Hmm. perhaps this photo is in shades of gray for that reason.

And for all these years I thought the stepstool was just for mounting – nope, it rides smooth like a Tennessee Walker!

I think we all can hear the thoughts of this horse “Flying pink strips of DEATH!”

Thank goodness for photoshop!  Do I even need to make a snarky comment here?

The only way this story makes sense: a woman grieves at the funeral of her sister who suffered life ending injuries due to the free-lunging fiasco (see previous photo).  So she goes into retail therapy and blows all her money on expensive handbags and dresses for the funeral and cannot afford a personal fan.  She relishes the breeze as her beloved Mr. Snuffles whips by to snatch the floral arrangements and graze on lush cemetery grass.


That’s all for now, I could spend days with these things.  Let me know if you want more!


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