Sponsor Alert! Knixwear


I am pleased to announce that I have an official underwear brand for the Mongol Derby!  Do you know how many people ask me about underwear selection when they find out how many hours I spend in the saddle?  It may be my #1 question.  I have always had guidelines to tell people, but never a product that I loved enough to promote – until now.

Don’t you just love the cute packaging?!


Last week I had the pleasure of meeting with Knix and trying out their line of underwear.  I tried the fitknixtm– athletic high performance workout underwear. The entire underwear is sweat wicking, there are no seams around the legs, just on the waistband (which is comfortable and I didnt notice any seams), and there is an antimicrobial leak resistant pad which helps things “down there” feel more comfortable and sanitary longer.

I tested it out with a day in the office, followed by about an hour and a half in the saddle, and it didn’t disappoint.  I had a slightly larger size than I should have, but even with that I had no slipping or rubbing.  As for the happy wonderful promise of freshness, yes I tested that too with some erherm… stall squats before riding.  After the 24 hours or so that I had them on for, they still smelled fresh enough that if I were stranded in the middle of Mongolia (instead of in my cozy home), I would be willing to go another day with them.  That is saying a lot as usually I change at least 2x a day!  The quality also feels really good, I am expecting it will last quite a while despite me being hard on most of my clothes and equipment.

So needless to say, I was both thrilled and relieved when they agreed to partner with me! I am so happy to have a little comfort to take with me on my adventure.

The price is quite a bit higher than your typical undies (Around $30), but well worth the investment if you spend a lot of time in the saddle.  If it was for your horse’s comfort, you wouldn’t think twice about it now would you?

Now for a little fun, they are doing a promotion on their facebook page called Knix in the City, with their boxes in various landmarks.  So I had a little “Knix in the Saddle” fun photoshoot with Bentley this weekend. Enjoy!

IMG_00000207 IMG_00000211_2 IMG_00000216 IMG_00000218


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