Fitness Recap

—- oopsie! this one never got published somehow! Although it was supposed to come out last week and is a little irrelevant, here it is now—–


While I had a pretty lazy weekend (office christmas party) I think I am making up for it this week.  Lets take a look at some of the numbers and its time for me to start recording some reflections.

Running (gym) – I am averaging around 20km per week.  I try and get out 3-4 times a week after work for half an hour or so, alternating speed work with hill work. Tuesday was my “longest” and fastest run at 6.5km in 40 mins.  I hadn’t even stopped to drink water at that point and was barely sweating, felt like I could go on forever which is a good sign.  Unfortunately, time won’t allow for long runs this week.

Riding (Bentley) – my horse is fat.  Imagine a round bale with legs, and thats how fat he is.  He seems to have learned to sleep in the hay outside, and eat while sleeping.  Needless to say, after having 4 days off, he was a little frisky on Monday.  Bouncing around like a giant silver yoga ball for half an hour.  Tuesday was a little better, still frisky, but I decided to let him work it out in long canters.  10 laps of the arena each way, and he was barely sweating.  I took the opportunity to work on keeping my body straight and staying up and balanced through the turns.  Last night was our lesson, and pretty much all of the shenanigans in the arena were gone.  We had some very nice quiet jumps that I was happy with. I think he is happiest working every day, especially now as the ground is frozen solid and he can’t run around too much outside.

Riding (Raz) – He was my #2 on Monday.  I was hesitant at first because it was very windy and I was warned that sometimes the wind causes the power to go out.  Being on top of almost 18 hands of silly isn’t where you want to be when the lights turn off.  However, by the time I was done with Bentley, it didn’t seem so bad.  Raz gave me pleasant surprise by being quite focused – something he is not known for.  I felt like I was riding terribly (position-wise) but we gritted through it and did a half hour of solid exercise which I hope will help his fitness level.  I think we are starting to figure each other out.


Riding (Romance) – I ran out of time Monday (because Lee was whining and wanted to go home, though without him I wouldnt ride because I was alone at the barn, so I must be thankful!) so Romance just got a lunge.  Tuesday I did my typical 1/2 hour of good work + coolout.  Lynn came in shortly after we started and said what a lovely hunter hack Romance was looking like, and politely told me to gett’r together and ride her like a sport horse! I was disappointed because she seemed so happy and consistent the way we were going, but we must prepare her for the jumper career she is destined for.  We gradually improved while keeping the happy communication we started out with, and finished with a smile.  I am really starting to like Romance over the other horses.  I get the impression that the kids don’t like her so much, but I guess that shows just how different horse personalities and relationships with people can be.  I will have to get a picture of us together soon!

In summary

  • Monday: 70 mins riding
  • Tuesday: 40 mins running, 70 mins riding
  • Wednesday: 40 mins hill walk/run, 75 mins riding
  • Thurs (plans): 40 mins running, 70 mins riding
  • Fri (plans): 40 mins running, 70 mins riding
  • Saturday (plans): 2.5hrs riding, 4 stalls (aka strength training!), some lunging and handwalking
  • Sunday (plans): 4 stalls and at least 2 hrs of riding, some lunging and handwalking

Next week, do it all over again!  I am getting there!


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