What not to wear at the gym

I wish I didn’t have to write a post like this, but apparently there is still a need to put this sort of stuff in writing. I have been going to the gym for less than a month and have already seen enough atrocious dressing that I can’t keep my mouth shut anymore!

Now, I don’t always dress in fancy gym attire, you may never see me gracing the cover of a fitness magazine in my trophy ride t-shirts with green stains and black kerrits past their riding prime(I swear nobody can tell they aren’t running pants), but I am at least confident that my attire neither offends nor is a safety hazard.

Here is what I have seen so far at my gym which needs some comment (pictures are found through google… saving these gym gear failures some face):
– uber tight clothing – please be warned, this doesn’t make you look younger, sexier, fitter or like you know what you are doing. It just makes you look douchey and raises concern for chafing.

Groan, I can just imagine the armpit burn this guy must get from a shirt like this

– converse all stars (or chucks) or similar shoes – the 80s are over yet these are still a fashionable piece. BUT they don’t belong in the gym. There is absolutely no support in these shoes for heavy physical activity. I wouldn’t even recommend them for light activity. Chiro bills, pain medication, joint surgery are all more expensive than the extra $50 it costs to get a good pair of running shoes. Don’t just ignore tomorrow’s problems.

Your feet aren’t sweaty, they are crying for support when you work out in these.

– Uggs – seriously why would you even think these can be worn in the gym? First see the previous comment on Chucks, then realize that if you are working out you SHOULD be sweating.  Put that in your shearling boot and sniff it.  Yuck.  If you aren’t sweating in these boots by now, then go home and sit your rump down at the TV.  You aren’t working hard enough at the gym so don’t waste your time.

Go home Dorothy, you’re drunk.

– Jeans, hollister/american eagle polo shirts, dress shirts etc.- These fabrics AREN’T made for a workout, they wont wick the sweat, they aren’t antimicrobial, they will just make you stink (and you do, I can smell you) add onto that the chafing you will get from them and you will be having a bad time at the gym.  Combine these with my point #1 and you have a full blown disaster on your body.

Hold it there cowboy, jeans are for the saddle, not the belt.

– Baseball hats – why on earth is it necessary to wear a hat inside the gym?  Yesterday there were 2 people jogging on the treadmills with a hat on (at the same time).  How has this become common?  There is no sun to shield yourself from, and if you are trying to hide bad hair – let me save you some time: nobody cares about your bad ‘do in the gym and if they do it is none of their business.  First, back to the sweaty, chafing point: its no fun.  Second, serious safety hazard!  Just picture it, a small bead of sweat drips down your forehead (because you are wearing a freaking HAT while running), you brush your hand across and oops! Hit your hat!  It falls between your feet or maybe you try and catch it.  The belt keeps going, you trip, fall on the belt and shoot off the end.  Everyone sees it and laughs (potentially also falling off their treadmills as a result).  Bad hair a concern now?  Worse still, you could be seriously injured (but that isn’t so funny for me to write about now is it!)

Even the hat thinks its a bad idea.

– competitive or challenge shirt (particularly if your BMI is over 30) – this is more of a faux pas than a safety issue.  If you want to challenge the other gym-goers, make sure you have the capabilities of following through.  Motivational shirts are great, but pick words that inspire  you to reach your goals, not just get cocky in the face of others.

This was the actual one I saw on someone the other day, about 5’2″ and at least 200lbs. Pretty sure I can catch you… unless perhaps its a rolling down a hill race.

Finally, drumroll please….


THE WORST piece of clothing I have seen in the gym this month:


Yes, A bath robe.

Full length bath robe.  This was seen of course on someone who was also wearing jeans and uggs doing leg presses.  Please refer back to my comment on Uggs for plenty of relative complaints.

If it weren’t bad enough to look lazy or sweaty, lets think of it from the safety perspective.  Full length robe almost down to the ankles means you are more likely to trip and fall when jogging or even walking from machine to machine.  All that extra bulk including the belt can get caught in weight machines, both damaging the machines, and risking your own safety. 


I do respect that these people may be just starting out their gym journey and commend them on giving a healthy lifestyle a go. Perhaps you don’t want to invest in fancy technical sportswear, but please make your safety and long term health are a priority.  If you cannot afford the good stuff, try looking at used clothing stores or shop the deals.  Being fit shouldn’t be just a short term goal for weight loss, it should be a lifelong commitment.  Dress yourself accordingly.


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