The dreaded “R” word


Is there ever a word to strike more anguish in the equestrian’s heart?

Whether it be from the vet regarding your horse, or from the doctor regarding you, it’s a word we hate to use.

The relevance of this is that I had to go to hospital last night.  No, it wasn’t life or death, nor was it an accident.  I had gradually increasing arm pain since last weekend which for some reason decided to get out of hand (rather spread as far as my hand!) yesterday. 

The doctor was unfortunately as baffled as I was… moving my arm did nothing to irritate it or improve it, and there was no loss of strength (as I almost threw her through the wall on the strength test!  “Oh, you do work with horses!”).  Best she could tell me was maybe tendonitis, take antinflammitories for a week, and REST.

But I dont want to!

Good news is my barn bosses are very understanding and let me have my rest (or MADE me take my rest).  I miss the barn already.


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