Sad but necessary changes


I am sad to announce that I have resigned from Halton Place.  I have a few good weeks still, but as of mid-February I won’t be fully committing my weekends there.

The truth is, I simply am running out of time in my schedule, and something had to give.  I took a look at the things I want to do in preparation for the Derby: competitions, training rides, promo events, wilderness training.  All of which are on weekends.  I was going to have to ask for 50% or more of the weekends off, and that isn’t fair for the owners or the other staff.  Its easier all around for them to find someone who is better equipped at this point to make a 100% commitment.

Of course, I am still keeping Bentley there, and I may still ride the horses here and there when I have a few extra hours.  I will miss coming in at dawn every morning to the excited whinnies, but I can still go as much as I can/want and simply have fun with all my 4 legged friends.

Also, if you know of anyone in the area who is looking for weekend barn work, you can direct them to me and I can pass along their resume.


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