Weekly Review

First, let me apologize for anyone who opened up their email or got a broken facebook link for this blog this morning.  I like to blog every other day, and have several queued up to go.  This morning’s was a placeholder and supposed to be published at around 17:30 today, but I think I may have missed the 1 in front of the 7 when setting it up (and therefore did not have time to fill in the body!)

As for this week, I am afraid I don’t have much to tell, but like last week I will break it down by the day again.

Monday – Went to the gym straight from work.  Happily complete 4.5 miles, no knee pain, no brace, about 45 mins of jogging or walking (walking to warm up and cool out only).  Nice!  Get home, and feel just a little more tired than usual.  Sneezing quite a lot but blames it on the dry air in the house.  Decide Bentley can have another day off, and go to bed nice and early at 9pm.

Tuesday – Off to a good start in the morning, but start entertaining bosses with “Chipmunk sneezes.”  by 11am, I’m starting to get pretty tired and snifflier.  I still make it to the gym and miraculously still put in a 5 1/3 mile run in an hour.  Decide today is a good day to test out the steam room.  Ahh, it feels wonderful!  Go home, exhaustion and sniffles come back and again I opt out of riding – pretty dizzy now.  Bed at 9 again.

Wednesday – It’s Lee’s birthday and we have dinner reservations – must make it through the day!  Get up super early and drive him to work since its -20 outside.  Not like I can sleep in past 5:30 when I am sick anyway.  Head to gym, push out 2 miles and head to steamroom again.  No focus at work.  Steam again on the way home. Try and brighten my blue complexion with makeup and off to dinner.  Resist urge to nap in my pasta.  Success! Fall asleep at 8:30 as soon as we are home.

Thursday – Get to work, immediately regret not calling in sick, I feel a pull within me down to the underside of my desk for a nap.  Email boss who is off base today and he gives me permission to leave.  Out the door at 10, home to sleep right away.  Abbey was my nursemaid for the day. Nothing else.

Abbey likes natural remedies – catnip mousie
She left me her mousie remedy along with my “tissues” and eucalyptus oil.

Friday – I went back to the office, and somehow made it through the whole day, though I did not feel too productive.  It was still better than nothing.  I did regret it slightly as within 10 minutes of my arrival, my computer died completely and I spent an hour or so cleaning my desk.  The RAM went, and now I am waiting on parts to come in, so computer is almost as slow as me all day.  Go straight home at 4:30, no gym, no ride, asleep by 7.

Little Love convinces me a nap is in order.

Saturday – feeling brave I make it into the barn for 8am.  Feed goes well, but as soon as I started mucking, I felt the whirlwind of dizziness and exhaustion.  Make it through the stalls slowly but managed to not pass out.  Texted Lee that I would need help doing Lynn’s stalls too.  In the meantime, the mares were doing their best to lift my spirits: Grace Kelly had torn off all her leg wraps, so as I replaced them, I felt her nose against my cheek.  Then “sluuurrrp!” a big lick up my face.  I just giggled and gave her a hug.  Next was hugs from Irish, pulled me in with her head, and didn’t want to let me go.  Last, at one point I found Little Love napping. She does this sometimes, but I hadnt seen it in a while, just to be sure I went in and listened to her guts.  They were fine, she just was sleepy like me. So I crawled in and joined her for a 5 minute nap.

The boys weren’t quite so caring.  The only one I had any real interaction with was Rossini, who I was to lunge prior to a rider trying him.  The big bully sensed I was weak and refused to lunge.  I did not have the energy to fight.  Eventually Lynn stepped in and meant business, and after a few dramatic rears in complaint, eventually worked for her, while I watched on clinging desperately to the kickboards trying to keep my eyes open.

Lee came shortly after that, helped me finish up in the barn and I went home to sleep some more.  I was told not to worry about coming back to do night feed, and to take Sunday off, thus ends Saturday.

Sunday – with no barn chores to do now, of course I woke up at 5:30 and unable to get back to sleep.  I put on a marathon of movies including Hidalgo and Buck (for some inspiration), getting up every 15 minutes for 5 minutes to do chores and test my stayupability.  Pretty good all through the day, and no more sneezing or sniffling.  So feeling brave in the afternoon, we decided to go out and get some groceries at the bulk barn.  After about 45 mins to 1 hr of being out, I was very tired and had to go home.  Still, I consider myself to be in the recovery stage and was happy with my activity for the day.  Plus, I took the time to work more on my dehydrated elyte treats, and have a few recipes drying now.

So far today I am feeling ok, I may skip the gym one more time in favour of going to see Bentley.  It has been more than a week since I have seen him (I wasnt up to climbing the snowy icy hill on Saturday in addition to the barn chores) and I don’t think I will have energy to do both yet.  May or may not ride – not planning anything out for sure this week since last week proved that old saying about the best laid plans


I call this vibration therapy.



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