More free stuff pour vous?

A while ago I mentioned to you that Icebreaker Merino was kind enough to donate 5 (yes FIVE!) ProDeal cards to my cause.

These cards entitle their holder to 50% off products on their website… 24 products to be exact!  Holy sheep, that’s a lot of wool!  Enough to renew your wardrobe or share with friends and family.

This is what I know about merino: my friend Laura tells me that its the warmest thing around (which I am guessing is huge appeal to other Canadians out there right now!) but it can also be used in the heat.  It harnesses the mythical powers of that majestic quadruped above and both heats and cools depending on what you need.  It wicks away sweat, keeping you dry, and is antimicrobial so you don’t stink half as much as you probably should.

So how am I going to do this?

Lets play with the same rules as last time.  One winner pulled from my subscribers (so if you are reading this in your inbox, congrats, you already earned a chance to win!) and one from a “sharer”

If that was unclear – follow these steps:

1) Look at the right of this post, enter your email address and click the button.  You are now entered to win, and you will also be harassed by me and my posts every few days! (note, actual amount of harassment will vary)

2) Do something to share this post: share on facebook, twitter, linkedin, message boards, call up a friend and tell them, tattoo it on your lower back.  Just share it somehow.  Then be sure to tell me how you shared it by commenting on THIS POST (please make sure you include your email address so I can contact you if you win, I won’t sell your info to goblins – I promise!).  Don’t comment on the link elsewhere (like on facebook) as I may not see it.

I am giving this one week, on Feb 9, I will draw 2 random numbers to pick from both pools and contact the winners.

And now to end this update with a bunch of pictures of sheep stolen from the internet to brighten your day.


3 thoughts on “More free stuff pour vous?”

  1. Ewe couldn’t ask for a better deal, I am getting a little Ram – bunctious just thinking about it. (and I am done with the sheep jokes now)


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