Shirts are here!

I decided to take advantage of casual Friday to blind everyone in my building
I decided to take advantage of casual Friday to blind everyone in my building.  Yes, we did suggest that I go direct the planes on the ramp.

Yes, I have in my hands and on my torso my Eat Sleep Ride Repeat shirts.  They are now officially on sale.  Here is the pricing breakdown and where you can buy them:

In person: Check my Calendar to find out where I will be each weekend and hunt me down (I should be pretty easy to find!).

At the barn:  If you are an HGEC rider, I will be giving you first dibs at the colours and sizes (which are limited!), I will be bringing them to the barn this weekend and setting up a rack which will remain there until after the show on the 23rd.

For the above 2, prices are $20 for a T-shirt, $65 for a hoodie, $70 for a zip hoodie.  If you buy both a t-shirt and a hoodie of either type, take an extra $5 off 🙂


I will be setting up an online web store before the end of the month where you can purchase the inventory.  The cost will be slightly higher to cover the transaction fees and shipping.

Now for the details of each

T-shirt: Women’s sizes Small to 2xl available in neon lime, neon pink, neon yellow, royal blue, and black.  Sizes are generous (I am wearing a small and find it fits more like a medium) Men’s sizes Medium to 2XL in neon lime, royal blue and black.  Fits true to size.  All t-shirts have no scratchy tag at the neck and are made out of a very nice, silky stretchy polyester.  They are super comfy and won’t fade or show sweat like the cotton alternative (and I am betting the hair won’t stick so badly come shedding season!)

Hoodie (mens) – Sizes Large and 2XL in black, sizes Med & large in royal blue.  Polyester, slick feeling outside with fleecy inside.  Thin but warm material, great for layering.  Logo on back.

Hoodie (Women’s) – Sizes Small to 2XL in black, navy blue and raspberry pink (darker pink than the t-shirts).  Same material as men’s but more tailored fit and has a full front zipper as well as a zippered pocket on the arm.  Makes a great jacket. Logo on back.


1 thought on “Shirts are here!”

  1. Wow, thanks to overwhelming support at the OCTRA Banquet this weekend I am running very low on t-shirts. The good news is, I recovered enough of my costs that I am able to place another order of t-shirts!

    Once the order comes in (hopefully by the end of the week)m this is what I will have in stock – including some new colours! You can reserve a size and colour by emailing me at cuthbertson.sarah@gmail.com

    Womens (zip):
    Pink – 2 medium
    Black – 1 sm, 3 med, 3 lg, 1xl, 1 xxl
    Navy – 1 sm, 5 med, 1 lg, 1 xl

    Mens (no zip)
    Black – 5 lg, 2 XXL
    Royal blue – 5 med, 2 lg, 1XL

    Black – 5sm, 2 med, 2 lg, 1xl, 1 XXL
    Royal blue – 1 Xs, 4s, 4 med, 2 lg, 2 xl
    hot pink – 5xs, 10sm, 9 med, 5 lg, 2xl
    neon yellow – 2sm, 3 med, 2 lg, 1 xl
    Light blue – 1xs, 4sm, 4 med, 1 lg
    Red – 2 sm, 3 med, 2 lg, 1 xl
    Emerald greed – 1 sm, 1 med

    Black – 3 med, 3 lg. 1 XXL
    Royal Blue – 2 Med, 3 lg
    Red – 2 med, 3 lg
    emerald green – 2 med, 3 lg
    Navy blue – 2 med, 3 lg


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