Weekly Review

Interesting week!

Monday – It was family day, but since I work in an industry regulated by federal government, not provincial, I had to go in anyway.  I was happily surprised to be told to go home halfway through the day.  I took it as an opportunity to spend extra time at the gym, and then ride a bit in the sunshine.  So my run was 10.8km in just under 62 minutes.  My ride was a blast – I just pulled Bentley out of the field and rode the snow drifts bareback.  I spent the evening putting together a little video of our ride.

I also rode Grace Kelly, who was hyper, but generally well behaved.  Raz was being lunged in the other side of the arena (I was give the choice to ride one of these 2 – and I made the right choice), bucking up a storm.  Sometimes GK wanted to join in, but her efforts paled compared to the Rompin Stompin Raz bucks.  At one point, Raz got loose with the lunge trailing  behind, and galloped over to see us.  GK felt like a loaded keg, curled her neck up, but abode by my direction to STAY PUT.  I laughed a lot through both my Monday rides.  Crazy but fun!

TuesdaySomehow I don’t remember much of Tuesday, but I did record that I did 5k in 46 mins (I was working on incline training at the walk).  No riding.


5km in 26 minutes – I am pretty sure this is my fastest 5k yet.  Then it was straight to the barn for my lesson.  Rode for about 70 minutes and had a nice jumping lesson.


We started to get some really sloppy messy rain/snow right during rush hour.  Skip the gym in favor of getting home before dark (as the slop was just going to make night driving worse!) The windshield wipers are making horrible scraping noises, so after picking up Lee (7pm… where in the world did the night go?) we went right to the store to buy new ones.  Lee changed them right in the parking lot, but took longer than expected.

Also replaced the fluid, nice funnel hat!
Also replaced the fluid, nice funnel hat!

All of a sudden it was 8:30 and no time to ride.  At least I still did my core workout from Equifitt.


Hit the gym for another incline slow jog, 5k in 35.7 mins.  I received my Derby saddle in the mail (I will do a separate post on this later!) and decided to try it out.  No stirrups or anything yet, so I used it for a few minutes then  switched to bareback for the remainder of my ride.


Early morning ride, took Bentley out for a great hour and a half of trotting and cantering in the arena.  He was really showing off, framing nicely in all gaits, giving beautiful bend, and fantastic transitions.  Perhaps it was because the boys were there with the Halton Place horses, and he wanted to show them what a trail horse can do (and why I should always choose to ride him and not them!)  He did make snarly faces at them, so I wouldn’t be surprised if it indeed was his jealousy surfacing.

After that, and finishing 2 hours of barn chores, it was off to the Outdoor Adventure trade show with Lee and my friend Joe.

It was wonderful, we spent hours there chatting with vendors and getting some details on gear that I may want to take with me, but more importantly potential for sponsorship from many companies!

Picking the Moose's nose
Picking the Moose’s nose
Creeped out by the hanging baby.
Creeped out by the hanging baby.
Playing in the tents, I got a few weird looks from passers by as I exclaimed "don't come in, I'm changing!".  I sure thought it was funny at least.
Playing in the tents, I got a few weird looks from passers by as I exclaimed “don’t come in, I’m changing!”. I sure thought it was funny at least.

After the show we did a movie, and then a stag and doe.  Needless to say, it was a long day!

Sunday dawned early also, as it was the Rockton Tack Swap.  So I awoke, loaded the car, and Lee and I were off!

All set up at the Rockton Tack Swap
All set up at the Rockton Tack Swap

Morgan from LongRun joined us, and together we made some sales and did lots of great promo for both my trip and their great organization.  Though, things got so crazy I completely forgot to get photos of us!  Oops!

Somehow I find trade shows more exhausting than a full day of working at the barn.  We got home, I ate a quick dinner, and fell asleep immediately (I won’t mention the time, but it is embarrassingly early!).  Good side of that is I am completely refreshed to start out this week!



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