Online Auction Item: Square Snacks

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Square Snacks have been generous enough to donate 2 cases (40 snacks)  to my fundraising campaign.  I tried these out last year at the Myrddin Short Course, and I loved them!  I was even fortunate enough to take some home and used them as a great pocket snack mid-loop during our first 50.  I was actually heartbroken when I was eating the last one and had to suddenly throw my leg  over Bentley’s rump to avoid hitting a tree, swung myself right out of the saddle and lost my Square Snack (right out of my mouth!).  You can even ask Linda, I was super grumpy after that… not because I “fell off” but because I had been looking forward to that Square Snack for about 35 miles.

Each Square Snack was made to be delicious and convenient, and to prepare you for what you’re doing next, to ensure you have the right nutrients and energy for your body and mind to replenish. More than just filling you up, Square Snacks fuels you up right.

That’s why Square Snacks’ bars have been created based on the different needs your body may have at different times. Whether you need a mid-afternoon boost, want something that is easy to digest, or you are a pregnant or nursing mom and your body has additional nutritional requirements. Whatever is happening in your life, Square Snacks will help you feel and perform your best. Choose how you want your snack to work for you, and there is a perfect Square Snack to do just that!

Square Snacks are a great convenient size, at about 100 calories each. They were made to satisfy you and your cravings, helping you feel your best throughout the day.

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What you are bidding on: 2 Cases of Square Snacks (40 snack) (valued at $56 CAD+tax)

Starting bid: $5.00

Bid increments: $.50

Bidding close: Midnight EST May 1, 2014

To win: Top bid at bidding close will win the online discount code.

(further guidelines can be found on the Auction main page)


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