Second Equifitt Session

This Tuesday I had my second bi-weekly session over Skype with Heather from Equifitt.

This session was more of a review of my progress.  There were some things that since the last session, I was feeling like this:

av0RbKb_460sMostly things like tweaking parts of my position through my exercises.I am still trying to work on my form before adding extra difficult (ie weight or duration).  The biggest issues continue to be my shoulders and my hamstrings.  They have improved – I can feel this both when I ride and when I am doing my exercises, but they are still not great – not even good really.

From there, we added a few more exercises I can do both to work on my problem areas, and also to start varying my routine.  We are tweaking my cardio a bit to get more bang for my time – perhaps my most valuable commodity these days.  We were able to break them all down into a more structured routine – alternating days of strength and core, and speed and incline.  This helps me a lot as I am a meticulous planner, and literally have my days planned down to the minute at this point.

We also reviewed how my riding exercises were going, which I am very happy with.  Well, I have been having to forgo riding a lot this last week in favor of doing sponsor activities, catching up on laundry, getting all my other workouts in, etc.  While my riding is less frequent, I am definitely noticing an improvement in the quality of my riding.  Hopefully I can manage to find a few days this week to get to the barn.  I am a little disappointed of course – riding should be my first priority, not my last.  But given that we have plunged back into polar vortex temps and the brief thaw turned everything into a bobsled chute (seriously, I cant even make it to my car without splaying myself on it like a bikini model – worst calendar ever!), I am getting to be a little ok with doing unmounted exercise and saving the risk of having Bentley fall for a meager 40 minute ride.  I am greatly looking forward to spring though, where I can combine my run with my ride, and save some time bundling up and perhaps 5-10 mins off my commute.

On the topic of saving time, I have made a resolution which goes against most textbook health advice, but I think I will manage ok.  That is to get LESS sleep.  I know, I know, sleep is the most important thing, but admittedly, its not uncommon for me to sleep 9-10 hours on a regular day.  I am working on actually getting up WITH my alarm (not after 5+ snoozes) and get to a more regular 8 hours.  I am saving chores for myself to do in the morning (ok, not saving, but actually committing to doing some chores instead of using the no time in the evenings excuse).  Things that don’t take a lot of energy or mental acuity like dishes or laundry.  So far 2 days and I am on track, working to get up at 6am – setting my alarm 5 minutes earlier each day.

Last we talked about my nutrition.  The big thing is for me to start eating more in the morning – I am horrible for this.  So I will start working small meals of complex carbs into my day, earlier and earlier (instead of waiting until 10am or later to start eating).  Time to get playing with oatmeal!

Oh, I missed mentioning too that I am moving up the core workout from baby-green to the intermediate.  You can join me by downloading Heather’s e-book.


Ok to wrap this up, I will state some of the physical, measurable changes since the last session.  Lee helps me measure each time.  Stating differences here, not the actual sizes:

Weight: -0.3kg

Waist: -0.5 inch

Thighs: +0.5 inch

Hips/Butt: – 1 inch

Chest: -0.5 inch

Bust: +0.5 inch (yeah no idea how that happened, must be measurement irregularity!)

Biceps: 1 remained the same, other increased 0.5 inch

Splits:+2.5 inches





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