Online Store and Monthly Freebie!

Oops, I am a little late posting this one!  But as per my tradition, I am wrapping up the month (February) with giving away free stuff.

I decided to take advantage of casual Friday to blind everyone in my building

This month, I am giving away 2 of my Eat Sleep Ride Repeat t-shirts to lucky people!  This is to help kick off the launch of my online store.

If you have been visiting frequently, you may have already noticed this link pop up in my menu on the top right.  If not, why not visit it right now?

Rules are the same as the last few giveaways – but in case you are new here:

  1. One shirt will be given to a random email follower – if you aren’t already subscribed, you can enter by putting your email in that box to the right.
  2. The other shirt will be given to someone who helps promote my cause.  Share this post somewhere (like facebook or twitter) then in the comments section below, write what you did to share.  Make sure to include an email that I can contact you at if you win.
  3. You get a week to do this – last date to enter is March 14th.  Then I use a random number generator to pick who wins.

Easy enough?


3 thoughts on “Online Store and Monthly Freebie!”

  1. Yes I tell everyone I talk to about your ride I also posted on facebook and next month I will be telling everyone at our ohio horse council meeting I also wear my tshirt to the health club where i workout I am very excited to be in touch with one of the riders. thanks Pat


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