Let’s not talk about the weather anymore


I have decided I am not going to talk about it anymore and will ignore anyone who tries to talk about it with me.  Its snowing – again.  its unseasonably cold – again.  Its too icy to do anything – again.  We all know it, its not news.  Lets leave it be.  Perhaps if Mother Nature stops getting press, she will give up this teenage temper tantrum she is throwing. So this is it!

On the plus side, clocks change today, and I am thrilled to have extra daylight to one day ride in.


2 thoughts on “Let’s not talk about the weather anymore”

  1. Is that a share off face book or is that Abbey in the window? Love Nancy ps I hasd lunch with Aunt Betty and Jim and I asked her who had thanked her for the Christmas $ and only your Mom and Katrina had. I think you should email her and thank her especially after what Grandpa said.


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