Weekly Review

Monday – Speed and core day – 26 mins of running (including 3 min walk warmup, 3 min walk coolout – so really only 20 mins running) got me 4.85km.  Intermediate progression core workout by Equifitt, 3 sets of everything.  Oh hello nighttime, how did you get here so fast?  Guess its time to go to stretch and go to bed

Tuesday – Incline and Strength day – 28 mins of running at 6.2mph, varying incline.  It was a little longer than my normal sets because I had to walk in the middle from being too tired.  Not common for me, I blame it on a certain key ingredient for my lunch disappearing from the fridge at work.  So instead of my good regular lunch, I scraped together some meager snacks at my desk but overall went hungry.

Strength day had me doing sets of row machine, then modifying my row to make it similar to a cardio rower (to which I got a lot of confused stares by the men lifting weights around me) since there doesn’t seem to be a cardio rower at my gym.  Then step back lunges until it burned.  That clock on the wall can’t be correct, can it?

Decide to try yoga this night, I haven’t done it in almost a year but I still know that the schedule has Yin – which is all stretching – probably a good idea to round out strength day.  So I text Linda to carpool, and we enjoy the warmth and quiet of the yoga studio for the night.  I was pleased to know that a few of the stretches were ones that Heather has me doing, so it was nice to kill 2 birds.

Wednesday – Riding lesson!  But of course, not until after a run of 4.9km in 26 mins (including the warmup/coolout walk of course).  Expecting I was to be entering the lesson late (I warm up in about 1/2 hour of the previous group’s lesson then do 1/2 hr private), I dawdled about – giving Bentley a haircut to end his scraggly mess.

Bad quality photo, but at least the hair looks tidy!
Bad quality photo, but at least the hair looks tidy!

Bentley really didn’t want his mane cut, and I had to chase him around his stall for a while… cursing him all the while.  After a few stress laps, he got haltered and I rubbed the scissors all over him (much to his displeasure) until he decided they weren’t scary.  Little did I know, it was just Linda and Rae in the lesson and I was expected to join them for a group lesson.  Oops, missed that memo!  So we didn’t get the warmup we usually would have.

There was nothing out of the ordinary in our lesson (other than being cold and stiff, but weather is not to be discussed).  Bentley was 100% wonderful, as he has been.  We didn’t accomplish anything great, but we had no troubles, just a fun happy ride.  He really seems to love jumping now, so we are happy to have Lynn working with us on that – crosstraining is so good for us!  After we were done, no time left for core work like was previously scheduled.

Thursday – Incline day at the gym, but my ankle was starting to hurt so I brought it down from a jog to a walk.  Also was feeling just NDR (Not Doin Right) so I took it easier.  Part of it is running in the confines of a treadmill I think: I keep my arms tight and have to fit into a box instead of stretching out.  It makes my arms hurt/go numb and I feel increasingly tired for the amount of work I am doing (as opposed to a few months ago when I started running).  Hoping I can have a nice outdoor run soon! Only did 2 miles, or 3.2km this day.  I did however go home and do a full 3 sets of the Intermediate Core Progression.

Friday marked a change in pace, as I left work to pick up my friend Joe and hit the slopes instead of the gym.

Skiing selfie!
Skiing selfie!

We met up with Mom, Dad and Lee.  Lee was learning to ski for the first time, and they had arrived early to give him a lesson before it started to get dark.  Joe had only skied once or twice, so they would eventually end up together.  For the start at least, we warmed up together on the green circle (easiest) slopes.

Ready for the lift
Ready for the lift
Here goes!
Here goes!
Me Dad and Lee on the lift
Me Dad and Lee on the lift
Lee isn't quite used to stopping yet.
Lee isn’t quite used to stopping yet.
Joe making it down as daylight fades
Joe making it down as daylight fades

At one point, I had an oopsie with my Gopro, so unfortunately I don’t have any footage of the more interesting runs.  Basically, I had forgotten to swab the helmet with alcohol, the adhesive came loose, and as I swung the chairlift bar over my head it clipped the camera, causing it to plunge onto the hill below.  Fortunately I got there fast enough and it wasn’t nabbed by anyone, but it did get put away for the rest of the night.


Saturday morning saw me off to Mount Forest to consult with a saddle crafter regarding what to do regarding fenders and something to cush up the seat.  He had a lot of the same concerns as I did with it, and we spent a good hour brainstorming ideas and testing things out.  So the good news is I think I have found a solution to my comfort without making changes to the saddle.  I just need to get my stirrups before he can get to work.  Boy am I ever thankful that I can do this in advance – had I gone in blindly and then sat on the saddle… well, I am stubborn enough not to back out but it would not have been pretty that’s for sure!

IMG_20140308_104329On my way back, I stopped to buy Maple Syrup from some kids vending at the side of the road… just had to up the stereotype factor of my weekend.

Cute little cart selling small batch maple syrup.
Cute little cart selling small batch maple syrup.

Then straight to the barn to muck stalls and ride.  Bentley was a little firecracker, first doing sewing machine trot around the arena until I decided to warm him up in the canter instead.  He calmed down and we got some good trot work in after that.  So I switched to bareback and we were having a lovely time.  As I checked my watch and decided it was time for our 5 min walk coolout, he decided we weren’t done yet and refused to walk.  Jigging and jogging and trying to canter all over the place.  He is a smart boy and knows I won’t get off him on a bad note.  So we worked some more on transitions in and out of the canter, and eventually he was satisfied with our work and let us cool out.  What a card!

I also rode on Sunday, this time Bentley was superb.  We worked on a bit of bend in the canter and also increasing impulsion in both the trot and the canter.  He seemed pretty pleased with himself when I finished.

We also practised the "Don't Go Anywhere" test.  He passed.
We also practiced the “Don’t Go Anywhere” test. He passed.







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