Equifitt Session #3

For anyone who may just be tuning in late, I am working with personal trainer Heather Sansom over Skype.  She specializes in equestrians and has developed a plan for me to be in my best possible shape to tackle the Derby.  Every other week we touch base to review progress and move me to the next stage of the plan.

The first thing we addressed was time.  If you read my weekly review, you might notice that I had to give up riding several times to get my workout in.  Not such a big deal while the snow is on the ground, but once spring decides it is finally going to arrive,  I will turn into a miserable grumbling suck if I can’t ride.  So we made some big changes to try and free up more time.

Cardio – I am going to try and start running outside next week.  I am finding I am getting stressed and tense on the treadmill now – some sort of cabin fever – particularly in my arms.  Hoping that being back outside will make my run feel easier and more enjoyable.  Also cutting it down to 2 speed days a week, 1 hill day, and one long distance day.

Core – I am moving up to the Grand Prix level from Heather’s e-book.  This will save me a lot of time as 3 sets of the intermediate level was taking about an hour to complete!

Strength – Moving to a new machine where I will get more of a full body workout rather than just upper body.  Also I got the go ahead to do strength and core on the same days.  So instead of finishing my workout in the realm of “do I have time to get to barn? “, I will be having a ride sacrifice day or 2 and get all my workout done at once.  Much more efficient for my schedule.

Riding – I am to keep doing my current exercises, and start riding with a small backpack so I can slowly get used to carrying weight on my shoulders.

Since I do measurements each Equifitt day, here are those updates:

Weight – down 1.1kg from last measurement, 1.4kg overall

Waist – down 0.5″, 1″ overall

Thigh – left is down 0.5″, but no change overall, right is down 0.25″ but overall is 0.25″ larger

Hips/Butt – no change this week, but 1″ down overall (PS butts look huge when you hold a measuring tape next to the string you just had wrapped around it)

Chest – down 0.25″, 0.75″ overall

Biceps – this is the first week I had measurable difference on both sides: both up by a small 7/8th of an inch.  The right has always been 0.5″ bigger.

Splits – steadily growing, this week is 1.5″ wider, and 4” overall


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