Weekly Review

Monday – Speed work – 4 kms in 21 minutes.  Then rushed home to do my session with Heather.  As per our meeting, I switched to the Grand Prix level core workout after.

Tuesday – Hill and Strength work – 3.85kms in 26 mins.  It was warm enough that I could have gone outside to do it, but I think I will wait just a little bit longer – a big thaw meant big puddles and I am not quite ready to destroy my new shoes.  Also did my strength stuff at the gym, so it made sense to do cardio there too.  Got home in plenty of time to have something to eat, then to Yin yoga for a lot of nice stretching.

Wednesday – an unexpected day of rest.  It was supposed to be riding lesson, but due to “what shall not be spoken of” it was cancelled and I was forced to stay within the confines of my home.  So what was I to do?  Put helmet cams on the big screen and dream of brighter days of course!  Here’s one for you to enjoy should you find yourself having a similar day:

Thursday – Speed day, doing 4.85km in 26 minutes on the treadmill.  Then over to the weight machines to do strength work.  After coming home, I did my Grand Prix core workout and stretching.  I have decided Thursday is my sacrifice day for riding (meaning no riding), as well as Tuesday.  Thursday makes sense as it gives Bentley a day break after our usual jumping lesson, and the arena can get pretty hectic as it is beginner night and sometimes they get distracted by Bentley and forget to steer.  It’s a good decision for all of us involved!  Unfortunately that means I haven’t ridden since the weekend.  Given the coughcoughcough I am not terribly upset.

Friday – was one of my days off from the gym.  I went right to the barn after work and dealt with a very hyper Bentley.  No surprises there.  He has long since discovered that he can set the rules for our ride (or at least make it longer) by being a pill when I ask for the coolout walk – knowing full well that I won’t let him finish on a bad note.  Little bugger, plays me like a song.  So anytime he expected I was about to cool out, he would get jiggy and silly, not wanting it to be over. I knew he was at least satisfied when a nice walk was received.  I guess I can’t be too mad that he wants to spend more time under saddle, and the canter parts of our ride were sure brilliant.

I thought I had to waste time before picking Lee up from work, so it became "Horsie Selfie Hour"
I thought I had to waste time before picking Lee up from work, so it became “Horsie Selfie Hour”
Irish was greedy for attention, so she got a photo shoot too.  She also enjoyed sharing tickle/scratching time for a good 20 minutes
Irish was greedy for attention, so she got a photo shoot too. She also enjoyed sharing tickle/scratching time for a good 20 minutes
Grace Kelly also  was up for a snuggle session and spent lots of time licking the side of my face
Grace Kelly also was up for a snuggle session and spent lots of time licking the side of my face

Afterwards, I went out to the pub to meet up with my longtime friend Sheena, who I haven’t seen in ages.  We stayed until the wee hours of the night catching up and laughing.  Of course, sporting Eat Sleep Ride Repeat tees.


Saturday was a necessary quiet day, but I did manage to do some stalls for Lynn as per usual.

Sunday, I started the day with my core workout, and after lunch Linda and I ventured over to the barn to get some riding in.  We brought our bridles and helmets up the hill in hopes to ride the horses back down to the barn.  On our way up, we noticed that the hill path was 100% sheet ice and there was no way we would get a horse over it. The only other option would be through the field.   We grabbed our horses and mounted up, and then set out to find a way back to the barn.

Bentley was eager to get out and made his best attempt to climb the 2.5 foot snow bank to clear a path to the barn.  Unfortunately, the snow was somewhere between soft and crunchy, and hard and stable, and he struggled between staying on top of the snow, and being able to work through the snow.  It would have been a disaster to try and work through it all the way back to the barn, and if the bulldozer had that much trouble, Sable certainly wouldn’t make it.  We decided to just sit on our horses, standing in the sunlight for a while.  Bentley, being eager to do ANYTHING decided to stake trail out down the side of the herd’s field where the snow wasn’t quite as deep as the route to the barn.  We followed an estimated pattern of step-on-snow, step-on-snow, step-on-snow, crash-and fall-through-snow-while-imagining-my-funeral.  Sable followed behind us as Bentley picked away at where he wanted to explore – seemingly unphased by the struggle.  We tried to direct them down the drive which was half mud and half ice up at the top and looked more appealing than the snow to Linda and I, but Bentley refused to step foot in the stuff, and went bumping and crashing back through the snow instead.  Ten minutes of that was enough for Linda and I, so we promptly turned them back out.  We ran into the others as we came back down the hill horseless, and everyone agreed that if the Bulldozer won’t get through, the daintier or less footsure horses certainly won’t either.  I am so proud to be surrounded by people who put their horses safety first.

I came back later to ride Romance, just because I couldn’t ride my horse doesn’t mean I couldn’t ride at all!  Romance was very good, we just worked on being soft and relaxed and by the end, had a nice consistent trot and good soft bend around both 10 and 20m circles.  She seemed to be pleased with the ride too!

I had some time waiting for Lee to pick me up, so I went and massaged GK – apparently she has been lame for some time now, so I thought she could use some TLC.  I only ever made it to her neck, where she was very tight and clearly very sore.  Using just a light touch, she visibly relaxed during our time together, and was good at directing me – at one point she just hung her head down by my feet for several minutes as I ran my fingers down both sides of her neck.  Not sure if it was just the neck bothering her, or if there is more, but I ran out of time and she seemed happy with just the light neck work.  I am very curious to see if she shows any improvement from this! It was also a nice way to wrap up with my weekend, with the quiet peace of a sighing horse.



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