Weekly Review

Monday – Speed day! But also since I missed running my distance day on the weekend, I threw in some steady state after and ended up with a 35 minute run, totaling 6.4km.  I arrived home in that “do I or don’t I ride” time-frame.  I decided not to – the hill to the paddock is way too slippery so if I were to ride, it wouldn’t be my horse.  I knocked out some errands instead.

Tuesday – hill day.  I have started to dislike hill day and find its where I feel sickest when running.  So I toned down the speed, and felt great!  Managed 3.9 kms and 570 vertical – not sure what unit it is, the treadmill doesn’t say.  Then I did my strength exercises on the machine and with weights.  Then drove home and dove straight into my grand prix core workout while dinner cooked.  Definitely no time to ride tonight!

Wednesday – Jumping lesson.  Bentley was surprisingly good despite his ice-forced vacation.  We did have 2 runouts at one jump, but it was completely my fault.  Lynn put the barrel under a jump, and despite having jumped the barrels before, and jumping that jump before, he had never seen the barrels under that particular jump.  His eyes bugged with surprise when it appeared in front of him.  They weren’t dirty refusals, but I have gotten pretty complacent since he has been wonderful in our jumping recently.  My mind must have still been off in the forest somewhere… probably a forest down south or a forest 2 months in the future from now.  He can read my mind, and if my mind isn’t totally there, he isn’t about to carry our performance on his own.  Sometimes I forget he is still just a baby.  Lesson learned, lesson fixed, lesson turned out just fine!

Thursday – long distance run.  Since there is still too much ice and the temperatures are too low to run outside, it was back to the treadmill.  Heather wanted me to stick to 5-7km in my distance run, but I just wanted to see… see what I could do if I just stuck it out for an hour.  I started slowly increasing from 6-7mph, then sticking it out for 7mph the rest of the run, completing 6.61 miles in the hour (or 10.6km).  Best part is, I felt as good at the end as I did at the start.  Not much sweating, drank almost a full water bottle, and kept a bouncy happy stride throughout.

Out of curiosity, I mapped the route from my front door to the door of the barn.  Its anywhere from 8.9-10.1km (depending if I want to use trail and go a little out of my way).  Interesting, very interesting… I think you know what I am starting to plan.  Spring better come soon.

Friday – I had to pick up a few things on the way home, but then went straight to the barn, hoping to ride outside.  I texted Linda to see if she would join me, and she reminded me we had a makeup lesson at 8.  Oops, completely forgot!  So it looked like I would be spending the whole night at the barn.  I wasted some time trying to get Bentley used to spray bottles.  After fighting for a while, something clicked between the two of us, and it just happened easily.  Not wanting to wait any longer for Linda, I tossed on his bridle and went for a walk outside, walking for about an hour (Linda came in for the second half of it)  I found a few areas that were newly melted enough to safely navigate.  Bentley would have rather we just puttered around the manure pile though.

Bentley wanted to explore every corner of the manure pile. Not the scenic “spring” ride I was looking for.

The lesson was fine, it was a makeup so there was a wide range of levels, so to make it interesting, I went stirrupless.  Still a little sore.

Saturday was windy, and I opted to ride inside than be pierced by the cold.  It was interval training day for Bentley and we divided our ride up into 2 x 1 hour rides, with mucking stalls in the middle.  Bentley was fantastic and loving his job.

One thing Bentley DID learn about on Saturday however, was Karma.  Apparently there were fresh bales in the field, some better than others.  He picked a giant, very green one and named it HIS bale, chasing off anyone approaching.  Well, thanks to the richness of his bale, he got diarrhea.  This lead to tail saturation, a bath, and the polo-pony look (which at first scared him when he swung it around and it just didn’t feel right)

I'm not going to clean your tail again Bentley!
I’m not going to clean your tail again Bentley!

I got home, cleaned up my “spray tan” and with a surprising amount of energy still in the tank, decided to go for a run outside.  I know I did a little over 5k averaging just above 10km/hr.  Here’s where I get confused: I had my garmin on, which died as I was doing my cooldown walk.  It was counting up my kms and everything (which is how I know I did a bit over 5k and my speed).  And now as I try to upload the data, its missing!  No data on the watch since November.  Very odd, usually when it dies it just stops it right there.  So unfortunately I don’t have a map to share, but hopefully I can figure it out before I start running and riding outside more!  This was supposed to be my distance run, but I kept it a little shorter as the roads were disgusting, and I decided to run with my camelback and figured the added weight of my backpack made up for the slightly short distance.

Sunday I woke up and went directly to the barn again.  They were having an in-house schooling show.  I helped out by raking in the track area (many times having to pickaxe it, its gotten so hard over winter) which took a good hour and a half or so.  Still pretty sore today from it! Then I spent the rest of the day cheering on the students and selling a few shirts.

One last cute thing to share for my week, as I was doing my core workout  Sunday night, Abbey (our cat) decided to crawl underneath me while in side plank, butt up in the air, head down and to the side – was she trying to plank too?  I grabbed my phone and took a quick selfie, but she was no longer planking for the photo.  Still cute, and we continued on  through the workout together.



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