Weekly Review

Coming to you a little late this week, I apologize!  Its also going to be a little short because while I usually keep a draft running throughout the week, its been too crazy to keep that up, so hopefully my memory serves well and I can still keep you at least minimally entertained.

Monday – Speed day at the gym – busted out 4.4km in 24 mins.  Stretching my brain to remember, I went to the barn intending to ride, got there and decided it was too cold and my motivation was totally zapped.  Home to do some chores or something.

Tuesday – Yoga day, so as usual I did my heavy strength training this day, and relaxed at the end with an hour of yin.

Wednesday – My Equifitt session with Heather, I got my new strength exercises and we caught up on my progress.  Then off to my jumping lesson.  We had a nasty jump down at the end of our lesson – Lynn put the jump up to triple bar (which we have done before) and Bentley had a half-stop before it.  I sat back, expecting the complete stop, but Bentley being a superhero jumped it anyway.  He would have cleared it if it weren’t for my vertical launch and land on his back mid jump.  He took the last rail complete with standards down with his back legs and was a bit sore – a big bruise on both legs but nothing serious.  We jumped it as a crossrail again and called it a night.

Thursday – Speed day at the gym (actually everything this week is speed day – Heather wants me focusing on strength and I’m just running speed to maintain condition this week).  Then off to the barn.  Usually Thursdays he gets off to rest after our jumping lesson, but I was concerned about the owies so we went for a half hour walk and light trot around the ring. He was fine.

Friday – Makeup riding lesson, no jumping this time just flatwork.  I can’t think of anything out of the ordinary here.  Nice long ride though, spent some time wandering about the property and looking at all the pretty waterfalls (as a result of the MELT!)

Saturday – Early morning ride doing interval training.  Both Bentley and I got good and sweaty, and with the intensity and duration I tried, I am pretty confident that we will be ready for the first competitive ride in a month to do the 25 miler successfully (40km)  Perhaps he could be ready for the 50, but no sense to push it – if I remember correctly from last year, I am more likely to get better points for the 14/25 combo than doing a 50 (especially this year since very few have been able to train through this winter), so why put ourselves through that?  Start on a high note instead!  We rode to music – I have little portable speakers that I can clip to his saddle.  He seemed to enjoy the music as much as me, and I SWEAR he was matching his canter beat to RHCP – Give it Away.  Rocking horse.

Then of course, barn chores.  Then down to the saddlery shop to take advantage of an annual sale.  I got a few pieces of equipment that I need (namely a good helmet as mine is bordering on expiry, not a PERFECT fit, and has had enough tree branches deflected off it that I dont fully trust it for my adventure).  I ended up getting one from Uvex which fit so comfortably and can adjust with my hairstyle of the day.  Of course, it’s going to live in my basement for a while – at that price I feel the need to save it.

Sunday I took a trip to the gym, to get my speed and upper body workout in.  The “Strong Men” of the gym had all the 20lb weights occupied which was what I needed, so I just breezed past, grabbed the 25ers and got to work.  I have to say, I love that feeling!  Then off to the Cottage show where I determined I was a lot like my horse – breezing from one booth of free food samples to the next, and ignoring anything in between.  Also, its impossible for me to walk in time with the dazed crowds… Lee got quite frustrated that I kept getting lost from him.

Once we were done there (surprisingly quick for the size of the show – I just couldn’t take the crowds and sump-pumps and roofing don’t particularly interest me), I moseyed on over to the barn.  I took Sable out for a ride and had Anna-Lena take Bentley.  She is leaving this week and due to the weather had not had a chance to ride outside and see the property.  We had a nice walk – almost 2 hours long.  It was beautiful and sunny and brought new hope.

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3 thoughts on “Weekly Review”

    1. Tracey, I bought the speakers for $10 from The Source. I can’t find them on the website but have seen them in stores for the last 2 years. I will take a picture and include it in a blog post within the next week for you 🙂


  1. Love reading your posts they are great. I watched the trailer of all the wild horses wow what a challenge. Keep training


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