Packing my bags

I have started fiddling around with my stuff at home to estimate weights.  I don’t have a precise scale, so my numbers may be off, but I did the best shot I could.

Drysack bags.  Sort of like the bags we would use canoe camping when I was younger, but much lighter (the material is more like that of a sail says Dad)
Drysack bags. Sort of like the Sealine bags we would use canoe camping when I was younger, but much lighter (the material is more like that of a sail says Dad)

I used one of the 2L drysack’s to pack the following:

  • 1 pair of tights
  • 1 tshirt (Eat Sleep Ride Repeat of course!)
  • 7 pairs of underwear
  • 60 ibuprofen, 20 calcium tabs, 10 glucosamine pills, 10 melatonin – my estimate for what “meds” I want for 10 days of riding.  Perhaps if i’m ahead of schedule I can gorge myself on painkillers.
  • 30 fabric bandaids
  • 14 lithium AA batteries
  • Sleeping bag

All in, it was just under 5 lbs (less than half my weight limit)

Now some things to add in (in no particular order)

  • Sweater (s)
  • Socks (oops this should have been in the essential kit above!)
  • Vetrap
  • Rain jacket/windbreaker  and rain pants (or opt to wear this over startline)
  • Weight of saddle bag
  • multitool
  • flashlight/headlamp
  • rope
  • good ol’ duct tape
  • camera
  • Elytes
  • Bodyglide
  • Perhaps a razor and deodorant as my luxury item (I did my first RNT with armpit stubble and it was horribly painful!)
  • Baby wipes/athletic wipes

Any suggestions what I should add to this list?

I’m having some bag woes right now.  It appears that the saddle bag sent in my treasurebox may be defective -the slats to tie it to the saddle appear to be fully glued down.  So I am shopping for a suitable alternative.  Anyone have recommendations here?  It must be cantle pack, lightweight, and have some waterproofness ideally.

I am hoping to use a hiking backpack/hydration pack that I have had sitting in my basement for a few years so if that’s the case, it will help reduce my need for a saddle pack.  Unfortunately I won’t know until I get my saddle back – last time I tried to ride in the backpack – my bum got pinched between the cantle and the base of the saddle.  I did 12 miles of that, and it was more than enough bum pinching.  So until I can ride in the whole getup, I will be researching all my options.  The other side too is once I am committed to one or the other, I am stuck with it.  Backpack may seem good now, but I may regret that when I am exhausted from carrying it in km 999 (whereas the horse only has to deal with it 40km at a time)

My Saddle bag for the Derby
My Saddle bag from the treasure box.



1 thought on “Packing my bags”

  1. Sleeping bag? sunglasses? Zinc cream – i noticed last year’s participants lips were pretty beat up looking by the end. Diarrhea meds. Toilet paper? GPS.


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