Weekly Review

Monday and Tuesday – I wasn’t feeling well, so I didn’t get out to do anything beyond my core/strength exercises.

Wednesday – Rush home for my update with Heather.  I got my new exercises for the next 2 weeks and then was off to my riding lesson.  We did gridwork, which Bentley did quite well on until the last jump was raised to 3′ oxer.  Then he had a good look at it and needed some encouragement to go into the line, but overall was good.  We had switched back into the bit this lesson since the hackamore was slipping around.  He was not happy and I had trouble getting him under me.  So it looks like I am back to searching for options to make the hackamore work for us.  It’s not worth fighting over.

Thursday – This was to be my distance run day, but alas it was raining.  I still did my run, but once again I was stuck on the treadmill.  At least I had a nice long jog for 45 minutes!

Friday – I went straight to the barn for a walk around outside.  Linda joined me  and we enjoyed the warm weather.  Then into a makeup lesson, with similar activities and results as Wednesday.

Saturday – No riding, but off to Caledon Tack swap to sell t-shirts and spread the word.  Met lots of interesting people, made good sales, and had fun getting to know Kristy who volunteered to help me on behalf of LongRun.  Funny how these things wear me out more than riding does!

Sunday was really my fun day of the week.  Forecast called for it to go up to 20 degrees and nice.  So I started my day with a 9km run around my community… staying close to home in case I needed to pop in for a drink (I left my hydration pack at the barn!)

Then straight to the barn to do the chores I missed doing on Saturday for the tack swap.  Its starting to get beautiful out, cant wait to get all the stalls done and get outside.

Grab Bentley from the field, have a quick lunch, and groom his royal muddiness.  Tack up, and just as we go outside “Bang bang bang” the wind is ferocious!

Linda Bringing Sable in, they match. Its very cute.

Decide to ride anyway.  Its only wind right?  Trot off down the gravel roadway and up the hill.  Reach the crest of the hill and the wind is so strong I struggle to stay upright.  Bentley is leg-yielding to the wind but puts his head down and plows onward.  We did a few laps of this until we came upon one of the judging booths – and the shingles flew off right at us! Not enough to hit us, but enough to cause a good size spook sideways.  In my moment of being unsettled, the gust of wind picked me up and tossed me to the ground.  Yes, I managed to get blown off my horse.  I scrambled up from the mud puddle I landed softly in (laughing raucously the entire time), Bentley looking a little embarrassed, and we just trotted on.  Bentley must have felt bad because he got a glint of determination in his eye and trotted on like he had somewhere to be.  I am sure he was listening to Eye of the Tiger in his head.


Even the tiny hairs on his neck were being blown up in a ridge!

After a few more laps to prove a point, I shook the gravel out of my pants and finished with an hour of riding in the arena – 2 hours total.  So all in all, I did get a decent amount of riding in through the beautiful weekend!


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