Sponsor Alert: LifeSaving Water


I received a wonderful gift today – the gift of drinkable water!

Lifesaving water has provided me with an adapter for my hydration pack that will provide safe clean water for up to 4000L.

This is the only product in the world that is portable and will remove all viruses & bacteria.   I believe (now I will have to check with the organizers still) that since it is part of my hydration pack, it is counted toward my riding weight… saving a portion of my 5kg weight allowance for more Ibuprofen and clean undies.

They don’t just make hydration pack adapters, they have a whole range suited for everything from travelers to emergencies/disasters.




1 thought on “Sponsor Alert: LifeSaving Water”

  1. That’s awesome Sarah! It’s all coming together for you!

    Love Nancy ps any thoughts whether I should buy a tablet or lap top?


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