Weekly Review

Ok I am going to change up the format a bit, just to keep things interesting.  If you have been following my training progress for a while, you may know my general schedule is: run a lot, ride a lot, and core and strength exercises given to me bi-weekly by my fitness coach Heather Sansom of Equifitt.

So I really don’t need to get into the specifics of every workout anymore.  Let’s just take a look at the changes and fun stuff I did.

Running  – Sayonara treadmill.  I am now running to or from the barn to do my distance running (around 9k).  Its roads, so im getting some concussive soreness, but its big hills, so at least I am being pushed cardio-wise. Interesting too, I am getting cheers from passers by – walkers, cyclists, even cars.  I wear my hydration pack (including my lunch) so perhaps I look like im on a mission.  It certainly helps with the motivation and I am pretty sure I run with a goofy grin on my face the whole way.

Riding – I had some unusual derby prep last week.  If you followed the Derby in 2013, you may have read that one of the riders was chased by a pack of wild dogs.  I had my own little test run of this.  On Wednesday after my lesson, I put away Bentley’s saddle and hopped on bareback to ride him up the drive to the turnout paddock – not an uncommon routine for us.  Well just as we were within dismount distance of the gate, the property owner’s pack of dogs were out for a walk with someone.  The great dane – a very nervous and aggressive dog – decided she did not like something about us (weird things set her off, so I can only speculate what she was thinking – once she barked at me for 20 minutes for wearing new boots!), started barking and took a running start at us – 4 or 5 more dogs following her.  It was too much for Bentley to handle and he spun and started galloping back to the barn.  As we turned a corner, the dogs caught up to us and were under him, snapping at his legs – he was leaping over them and twisting around trying to avoid their teeth.  Somehow I managed to stay on, and Linda was getting into her car as we thundered up to the barn, which seemed to get the dogs out of “hunt the horse” mode.  No injuries to either of us, but Bentley was a little traumatized from the event and I spent the remainder of our rides that week settling him on that particular stretch of road.  Thankfully I was able to ride through it and handle the situation, that it wasn’t one of the children leading their pony back.  There were a lot of “what ifs” that could have gone wrong.  I do now worry what might happen if Bentley meets a dog in the forest though.

Aprilfest – the first competitive distance ride of the year – scheduled for next weekend is cancelled due to the trails still being under ice.  Throws a kink in my plans, but at least we can do decent training at home (albeit mostly gravel roads at this point right now).  If you still are stuck not riding, you can enjoy my uncut helmet cam from Sunday and pretend like you were right there:

Miscellaneous – On Sunday Lee and I, accompanied by our fried Joe, went to Mountsberg conservation area for a hike and Raptor encounter.  If you have a free day, I highly recommend the encounter – we had a blast.

Holding Echo the Screech Owl (she is full grown but tiny and very cute!)
Holding Echo the Screech Owl (she is full grown but tiny and very cute!)

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