Sponsor Alert: The Edge


This week was like Christmas in April… err I guess that would have been Easter.  With some nervous excitement, I greeted Greg and Stella of The Edge in my friendly local Starbucks.  Turns out they were just as excited to meet me as I was them!  It was a fated relationship indeed.

We talked for well over an hour about The Mongol Derby, Endurance riding, and of course their product The Edge.  Stella whipped out a bowl of this sparkling green miracle and thankfully no staff called the cops at what must have looked like a highly suspicious exchange.


So what is The Edge are you asking?

THE EDGE(tm) Equine

THE EDGE(tm) is one of Nature’s Perfect Foods. The micronutrients in THE EDGE(tm) are essential for optimum health and superior nutrition. Feeding THE EDGE(tm) Equine daily can help regenerate hoof tissue, improve joint function, reduce inflammation, accelerate healing and recovery, support the immune system, improve temperament, and enhance performance. Add this natural supplement to your daily feeding program – for you, your horse, and your pets.

Yes you are reading correctly, this is for both horses AND humans.  Meaning both Bentley and I will be incorporating this product into our fitness program, and hopefully within a few weeks I can have some reports to share with my readers.


Here are some of the benefits that will give me an Edge Up in my training and hopeful completion of the Mongol Derby:

  • Improved joint function – those who have ridden with me are likely to know I have a bad right knee.  So much that I frequently prefer to ride stirrupless or run alongside my horse.  So hopefully this will help ease the pain and keep me going a little longer
  • Improved mental acuity – I have to kick this coffee thing, seriously.  The dosage I am on is equivalent to about 25 servings of chocolate.  It will never replace my addiction to chocolate, but perhaps will keep me from serotonin and caffeine withdrawal through my adventure.  Plus, I need to stay sharp!
  • Healing and recovery – a huge endurance plus and a little extra help getting out of bed on day 2, 3, 4… and so forth

Visit their FAQ section to see all the benefits. There are far too many to list here. And check back later to see how I am progressing on it!




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