Weekly Review

Running – Just short bits this week, little anaerobic threshold running and thats about it.  It has been crazy rainy (april showers) which has limited what I can do…

Strength – this is my big push this week – basically my schedule is to kill my arms and 2-4 times a week.  I have been succeeding in this.  It means I haven’t been doing much else (time wise) and I feel like im a bit lazy hanging out around the house and going to bed super early, but the throbbing in my arms reminds me that I am mistaken.

Riding – Didn’t do too much of this (see above – dead arms make terrible brakes, and rainy days with only option to ride being roadwork isn’t worth it)  But we did have a lovely ride both times it happened.  One being a fun bareback ride, another being a fun game of trot, stop, sidepass right, sidepass left, trot again. Bentley seemed to enjoy the game but eventually got too good at it (he was hyper – thats why I was trying to get him to chill with this game) and by the end the sidepass got fast and sloppy.  Still good to know that he enjoys the games and will stop easily when hes having fun in a game.

Misc – Lots of “Family time” this week, so this review is short and a bit boring. But I did get an early birthday gift from my parents – a new GPS watch, so hopefully soon I can have some maps of my rides and runs to share!


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