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Hey Everybody,

Its about time I got a crack at my own blog, my GPS (Goodie Person & Steering) seems to be hogging all the computer time.  Well she ran away this weekend to go ride other horses, so I hacked in.

Yeah, can you believe it? I have been stuck in the snow all winter and now that trails are open, she leaves me behind!  She says its a Ride N Tie, so unless I want to be tied to a tree on my own, I have to stay at home.   Oh whatever will I do while she is gone?

This!  This is what I will do.
This! This is what I will do.

I have been having so much fun in our rides recently… GPS sings and I dance, she’s letting me canter more which makes me very happy.  Occasionally I remix her songs by snorting in some beat-boxes.  Bushk bushk bushk.   Its too bad shes afraid of people hearing her, I think its a fantastic performance.  I’m hoping this means that we can do more cantering on the trails this year – last year I was only allowed to trot.  She says we are doing a 50 next week… but I am not scared.  I am fit as a fiddle already despite only being allowed on the roads.  What is a fiddle anyway?  Can I eat it?  Anyway, I know I can do it, and with all the fun we have been having riding recently, I am excited to have it last longer and be somewhere new!

How have I been training might you ask?  Well my GPS comes out several times a week, fiddles around with something she calls her GPS (but I haven’t seen it produce goodies… so I don’t know) then we circle around the gravel road for a while, sometimes sneaking down to my favorite grass bunny hill for some quick hops up.  She seems to think this has something to do with my fitness and tries to explain the math to me.  She might not know though that I have been working without her so I can make her proud.

First step is proper nutrition: I pick only the best hay, and banish the other horses from accessing my bale.  They aren’t in training, they don’t need the calories like I do.  Jerks, they are just pigs.  I’m not a pig though, I am in training – so I HAVE to eat all the time. I swear.

Next, I have been running up and down the paddock hill.  Sometimes when the GPS comes to the field to catch me – I figure she could use a little more exercise too so she won’t let me down.

Lastly, I get the ponies to bite me.  I do whatever it takes to harass them into playing with me.  Lots of bursts of energy and the scars will toughen up my skin.  That way I can bulldoze through the branchiest trails and still come  out looking no worse for wear.  GPS better start doing this too, I noticed her skin breaks easily.  I should bite her to help her along.

So there you go, my secrets to success.  I will try and let you know how my 50 goes next week, maybe GPS will be too tired sit at the computer and I can write it myself again.

Now back to training!

# 1 rule of training - chow down!
# 1 rule of training – chow down!

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