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Weekend Intentions

If you are a longtime follower you may have noticed I try and keep active here by posting every 2 days.  Well it’s a long weekend and I am disappearing to Cayuse Canter (which will officially be my first distance ride of the season as Aprilfest was cancelled due to Jack Frost over-staying his welcome).  So when you get this delivered to your inbox, you should know it was written much earlier in the week, and I am likely out vetting my horse or something as you read this.

In a few hours I will mount up and begin a long weekend of riding.

First, I am taking Liza in a 12 mile set speed.  Liza is one of the Pecile’s horses and will be partaking in the RNT after – perhaps I am to get the naughties out of her before she takes her trail partner to glory in their first ride.  I can’t imagine her being anything but wonderful, she’s a good as gold paint and I have never seen her be anything but.  If you are looking to try your first distance ride this year and don’t have a suitable horse – I hear she is available on day lease at OCTRA rides and makes an excellent first timer.

Next, Linda and I will be doing our usual RNT thing on Sable.  Morgan from LongRun is going to ride Bentley as our sponsor horse.  It will be her first distance ride ever and I know Bentley will show her a good time.  She had a chance to try him out on Monday and they got along just fine – shes not afraid of his enthusiasm and in fact shares it!

Through Saturday too, Greg and Stella from The Edge Up, one of my sponsors are going to join us as crew or ride volunteers and see what all the fuss is about.  I love when sponsors get involved and get dirty with us, and I am so excited to share our distance riding world with them!

Sunday we are set to do a 50 miler.  I am excited to do this, Bentley is confidently fit and (at least at home) has a good brain these days.  I get to ride my horse for 50 miles today, what could be better?  We are still taking it slowly, all we want is completion and a smile throughout (hopefully without bugs in the throat!).  Solstice and Angel will be coming along with us, as a junior she technically needs a sponsor – but I always learn more from her than I think she gets from me!  Boy can that girl ride.  I guarantee one day she will ride in the Derby too, and probably set all kinds of records because that’s what she does.  So of course, I am excited to ride alongside her and spend the day in good company singing and dancing along the trails.

So hopefully come Monday I will have all sorts of wonderful news, stories, photos, and cam footage to share with you all.  And for now, stop reading and get riding!


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