Online Auction Item: Nux Clothing Gift Certificate


Is fitness in your future?  Or are you already a die-hard athlete?  Either way, we all can use some fabulous gear so we can feed doubly great working out.  Thankfully, my new friends at Nux can hook you up!

At NUX, we measure our success by the inspiration we are able to evoke.  

Every facet of NUX is infused with inspiration: From our made in the USA commitment to our dedicated team and most importantly our customers.

Whether you are enjoying the supple touch of our body engineered micro fiber nylon, or different fits with our various compression levels, there is an unmistakable common thread: inspiration! 

So if our beautiful apparel can inspire you to reach higher, exercise harder, or if our Nuxology puts a spring in your step, you have helped us succeed- thank you.


They have donated a gift certificate to be auctioned off,  good for anything on their site.

What you are bidding on:  A gift certificate for NuxUSA’s online store $50.

Starting bid: $10.00

Bid increments: $2.00

Bidding close: Midnight EST September 28, 2014

To win: Top 1 bids at bidding close will win the gift certificate.

(further guidelines can be found on the Auction main page)


4 thoughts on “Online Auction Item: Nux Clothing Gift Certificate”

  1. Bid $20 on this GC – please notifyr if I’m outbid. Can pay using Paypal since I’m in USA – met you at Masterfeeds BTW! Mary Howell 5250 Hopewell Rd New Kent VA 23124


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