Mongol Derby 2014

Wine math of riding and the Derby

Though an odd source for fitness advice, the weather network had this tip on their page:

Did you know?

Assuming you cover the same distance, you will burn a very similar number of calories with either walking or running. The only difference is you burn the calories faster running than you do walking (since you cover the distance quicker).

It got me thinking to a calculation I had done a few years back, somehow figuring out that each mile of riding burned me 60 calories.  I am not going to go back into this math as I am not that bored, but it was calculated based off set speed mph, my horses estimated speed at each gait, how long we would be in each gait to meet set speed times, and some online calorie estimators that broke down the calories of riding each gait (for someone about my size – 140lbs) through various goal speeds. Yes, it was way too involved for a novelty… but that was back when I still had some time to kill.

So back to my magic number of 60 calories per mile.  The Mongol Derby is 1000 km or 625 miles. So estimate 37,500 calories burned.  That equals about 300 glasses of red wine.

Are you getting excited yet?

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