Mongol Derby 2014

What happens when you search Lactose and Horse?

I had a bit of a scare last week – a very upset stomach 2 days in a row that seemed to appear around the same time.  I suspected something was up with my morning latte.

Of course, I went into a google frenzy with searches like “sudden onset lactose intolerance.”

It ended up being some sort of bug – hooray I can still have my coffee!

So then I began wondering if horse milk had lactose in it.  So google came to my rescue again.  I have to say, I should not have read this site at work… it was very hard to stifle my laughter.  Enjoy!

Horse Milk (A gift from heaven)

And in case you are too lazy to click through, here are some of my favorite images from it.

(bikini if people were horses)


A really unfortunate choice of name, and I don’t think I would be so interested in topping my latte with cat milk



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