Bentley gets a Summer Retreat

For those who know me personally, this may not be news to you:  Bentley will not be coming back to Halton Place after our next endurance ride (Summer Solstice).

Instead, he will be living right up by the regional forest with trails to spare and new friends to dink around with.

Why?  Financial reasons my dear Watson.  It’s incredibly expensive to keep a horse close to the city – 3x as expensive to be precise.  Keeping him there for 6 months will save me about the equivalent of one of my entry fee payments for the Mongol Derby.

It won’t be easy having him farther away, but since I will be gone for most of August and not sure what shape I will be returning in, it just makes sense.  The bright side is too, despite it being about an hour drive each way, it’s not difficult to spend many hours riding without getting bored – which is harder to do close to the city where most of my work consists of lapping fields hundreds of times or road work (on very busy paved roads)

I am very fond of both Halton Place and Carol’s, where Bentley will spend the rest of the summer.  Carol gave me my first shot at distance riding with her mare Abby several years ago.

Abby and I looking out on some beautiful country views.
Abby and I looking out on some beautiful country views. Ok, I am looking, Abby cares more for the nibblies beneath her.

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