Playing Catchup

I realize I haven’t blogged in a bit, so I think its about time I do a summary of whats up!

As of today, I am officially 1 month to Derby Training. Getting down to the days, I am 27 days to my flight, and 34 days to the start line. Yikes, the fact that I can see it on my calendar is getting a bit intimidating.

The updated rider’s list has been posted, some of which are linked to rider profiles. I have a full profile there now, I must admit, it doesn’t seem as enigmatic as most of the other rider’s profiles. I think the quote was taken from my initial application. Thats ok, if you are a reader here, you probably know lots about me through my writing and that (I don’t think) I am as dry as I appear in text on their website. Actually, someone called me effervescent the other day, so there!

I hinted at it a bit, but for most of June, I was not so great.  At the end of May, I developed strange stomach issues and also bruised or broke my tailbone (I refused to get it xrayed and find out, nobody is going to tell me not to ride!).  Good thing was that with the tailbone, I could ride before I could sit, so I was still able to put in the miles.  The stomach was a bit scarier, I ended up in the emergency room at the request of my doctor, and got ultrasounded as my symptoms were that of gallstones.  Thankfully, I didn’t have those and therefore didn’t need surgery.  Still not sure what it was, but I am on meds for acidic stomach and the “attacks” became less frequent, now I haven’t had one in a week.  So it could me meds, or perhaps it was some weird bug unlike any other I have ever had.

So I am back in the game, and haven’t lost so much training time as to be hopeless.  I was a little more sore after the last 50 than previous, but not completely miserable considering I hadn’t done any strength OR cardio for about 3 weeks.

I have already packed most of my stuff – divided into 4 different bags: saddle & pack, what to wear while riding, what will be sent along to the finish line, and what stays in the hotel.  I am hoping that this kind of organization will keep the stress low once I am wheels up (airplane wheels… industry speak!).  I learned this handy trick from Linda, who long ago taught me to have 2 of everything – one for the home/barn and one for the trailer.  Never forget!  I have a few miscellaneous things still to get or exchange, but I don’t need to panic for another 3 weeks or so.

I am still having some stress around my sheepskin seat saver, backpack, and boots vs shoes.  I am hoping 4 weeks is enough to fix issues and make decisions that I can stick with… for 1000km… because I have to.

Bentley is doing well, he’s been pretty much on rest since Summer Solstice.  He’s fitting in fantastically at Carol’s and has fallen madly in love with her gelding Cairo.  I have been up to visit him a few times but only managed to get in one slow ride so far because of the heat – despite riding at 10am it was hot and humid enough that he was sweating at a slow trot, all the way from his eyeballs to his dock.

I don’t have any fun photos for you today… I managed to forget my phone at home, and my helmet cam is still in the pile of stuff I have to pick up from Lindas RV (we still haven’t touched base since Summer Solstice!) .  Sorry if this is a little bland!



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