Mongol Derby 2014

Sponsor Alert: Hotcore Sleeping Bags

I am very excited, next week I will be picking up a gift from Hotcore: a Hotcore Roma 200 sleeping bag.

HotcoreR sleeping bags are designed for the recreational backpacker, camper, and world traveler. Our sleeping bags are some of the most lightweight, compact, and affordable bags available anywhere. We are using high quality siliconized TRUELOFT micro fibre insulation that traps more warm air between its micro fibers than traditional insulations with the same loft, giving you a warm sleeping bag in a compact and lightweight package. TRUELOFT is lightweight, compressible, breathable, and extremely quick drying, all to keep you warm and comfortable.

Hotcore sleeping bags have no cotton content; cotton is terrible for warmth as it holds moisture and does not dry quickly when it becomes wet. Beware a sleeping bag with a cotton or polycotton lining. Our lining is a brushed polyester, a unique lining fabric that is extremely soft and warm, while still being quick to dry when wet.


I am going to hold off for now on a review, this will be better done once I have tested it in Mongolia (nights are too warm here for me to really appreciate it!).  What a great way for me to stay warm and save weight!


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