Mongol Derby 2014

Pre-Race Training: In the classroom

Day 1 of training started out in the classroom.  The noise level was enormous as many of the riders were meeting for the first time.  Through the day, we went over the race rules, saw some ugly photos of injuries, horse conformation and vetting.  The medics said something about bugs on the steppe who would shoot their eggs into your eyes or something?  I think everyone had sunglass panic after that point.  Disgusting

We also had our GPSes programmed with the new coordinates.  We had them sent to us before, but apparently there was something wrong with them.  We received our spot trackers and vet cards.  Then we weighed in – no problems for me!  Some of the taller men had been dieting to meet the maximum weight, so they appreciated a good meal after this point!

The afternoon continued like the morning and eventually we disappated back to our hotel rooms.  There was a meetup at an indian restaurant later but Bonnie and I decided to stay at the hotel and pack our bags instead – knowing that despite having lots of time on the steppe training to pack our kit… we cannot pack what we dont bring TO the steppe.  We were exhausted and fell asleep early too, but didnt manage to get more than the average 4 I had been getting each night previous.


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