Mongol Derby 2014

Pre-race Training Day 2 – Boris

On day 2, we were given a point to ride to (about 7.85 km away) and back.  This time, I had the good sense to bring along my helmet cam.

Out of the line, I picked a thick palomino.  I named him Boris because he was blonde and strong with a thick neck – he just looked Russian I guess. He was a spritely fellow, who really wanted to chase madison’s horse (who rocketed past us, but eventually waited for us to catch up)  They were trouble when they were together.  Towards the end of our ride Madison tried to come over and ride with me and I yelled her off… Nooo I am trying to get his heartrate down for the vet check!  And off they ran.  It was still so much fun, and he loved to gallop but was easy to control so long as he got to pick the pace (hmm, sounds a bit like Bentley!)

In the evening, the children held a mini-Nadaam for us (horse race), of course, they were 6-12 year olds who all could outride us in a heartbeat.  It was fantastic to see them galloping along on their horses, many of them bareback.

Warming up
Warming up
A frisky winner wears his headdress of medals
A frisky winner wears his headdress of medals

Evening ceremonies consisted of Long Song, throat singing, and acrobats.  Then of course, airag, mutton and vodka.  Looks like I wont be taking a sleeping pill tonight.


Long song singer
Long song singer

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