Mongol Derby 2014

Online Auction Item: Mongolian Medal Headdress


The winning horse wears his headdress, outfitted in all of his medals.  I brought 2 of these back from Mongolia, one in red and one in blue.  One of these could be yours!  100% of the winning bid will go to CoolEarth charity.  Medals are not included, but a unique way to display your buckles, patches and other awards your horse wins.


What you are bidding on:  A headdress for your horse similar to the one shown above in blue or red (medals not included).

Starting bid: $5.00

Bid increments: $0.50

Bidding close: Midnight EST September 28, 2014

To win: Top 1 bids at bidding close will win the item, shipping not included.

(further guidelines can be found on the Auction main page)


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