Mongol Derby 2014

Day 5.5 – The Cabin and My Good Sleep

Now excuse some inaccuracy here, I have been going based on the dates of my photos (digitally stamped) which I thought was the best method, but oops! I forgot about the time difference which my camera (and me) was not smart enough to understand. Maybe that’s why day 5 seemed so bland last I wrote it out? So I am guessing now that what I had pegged as day 6 was actually evening of day 5, so here are those stories! Hopefully by the end of this I am back on track.

Somewhere in the evening on our way to the horse station, we came across Mikael hand walking a very lame horse. He was still many miles away from the horse station, he would for sure incur time penalties at the rate they were going (as it was nearing dark), as well as any veterinary penalties that would likely be added on. There was some discussion and eventually it was decided that he would walk the horse to a ger we saw on the horizon.


We met him there and Chloe worked her magic to figure out how to get the vets there, and the horse to his owners. In the meantime, Jess had brought balloons as gifts for the children, and boy were they ever a hit!

DSCF8384 DSCF8380

Oh, and about this time, we were entering in Yak Country!


After everything had been sorted out, Mikael hopped in the party van with us and continued on to the horse station. Darkness was falling so fast when we got there, and we found out that Anna and Per were there, and going to withdraw from the competition, they would occupy another vehicle headed back to the city the following morning. This horse station had a small one room cabin where the riders were eating and bedding down, upon inspection of it, it was very clear that we would not fit in – 18 riders sharing one bitty cabin (bigger than a ger, but all the floorspace was taken shoulder to shoulder).

Jess, Luke and I started setting up a tent that was given to us from a crew vehicle. Although we tried our best, it was very apparent that the tent was missing 75% of its poles. It was almost completely dark and we were running out of sleeping options – trying every balancing act we could think of to make shelter. Thankfully, another (much smaller) tent was found for us, Anna and Luke found their way into the cabin, and Jess and I shared the 2 man tent.


Poor Jess had the most terrible sleep that night – and it was all my fault. I slept fantastically of course, my sleeping pill knocking me out completely. I guess with the shortness of the tent, I found my way to sleep diagonally on top of Jess, snoring and snuggling away as seems to be my MO. To add insult to injury, apparently we had a huge thunderstorm overnight, which pretty much flattened our tent on top of us, nearly blowing us away. I was happily oblivious to all this. Poor Jess was in rough shape the next morning (so sorry!) but managed to not kill me, so thank you Jess for putting up with me!



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