Mongol Derby 2014, Promotion and Special Events

The goons are knocking!


Eek, its easy to forget about the charity aspects after the race is over!  I received an email yesterday reminding me to send the details of my fundraising to the race organizers, and I hate to say it, but while my LongRun campaign was pretty successful, my CoolEarth one is pitiable.

I am supposed to raise 500 GBP for CoolEarth, but I am at a meager 12% of the goal.  I am going to have to make the difference up out of my own pocket.

So I am begging you, if you are enjoying reading about my adventures (for free!), please visit my CoolEarth fundraising page and toss a few bucks their way.  Don’t be put off that its listed in GBP, you can donate in pretty much any currency you may use.  It just does the math and adds to my goal.

Anything you can spare is appreciated, and the more you keep off my credit card, the less ramen noodles I have to eat, which gives me better nutrition and energy to keep writing the posts you love. Ok, that might be a stretch, but at least the money goes right to saving the rainforest, which both I AND you need to breathe happily.

Go for it now!


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