Promotion and Special Events

Don’t forget to visit me at the Royal!


I have been prepping vigorously for the Royal Winter Fair where on Saturday, Bentley and I will be demonstrating our sport to horse, farm, and sports enthusiasts who come from all over Ontario, and even the world to be part of the Royal Winter Fair.  I am tasked with trying to keep my horse from turning into a furry marshmallow before the event (NOT easy), cleaning poo stains said furry marshmallow with no setup to bathe (I guess now is a time to invest in Cowboy Magic stocks!), cleaning heavily ingrained sweat stains off tack and boots.  Oy, I hate cleaning so much!  Most importantly, I am preparing scripts and materials!

From what I understand, the format is different this year.  I have been asked for information such as the “type of trot” I will be performing etc.  This has led me to several hours of smirking as I try to invent a name for the maniac 14mph (22km/hr) trot we do on trail.  Not to mention, if I name the trot right and it gets out of hand, I can pretend like its supposed to be that way.  Power trot? Rocket trot? Better have a diaper trot?  Of course, if I name it that way, Bentley is likely to surprise me with some sort of super collected trot on the bit.  This will be new for us, so all I can expect is the unexpected.  Don’t worry, I will make sure to get photos and videos.

I also have noticed we are right next to the petting zoo.  I have vowed to be vigilant to make sure Bentley doesnt fill up on goat food and tiny fingers.  Is it possible to laugh too much in one day?  Didn’t Spongebob once break his laugh box?  I am expecting that will be me by Saturday night.

Anyway, if I have captured your interest at all, you should swing by our stall and booth at the OEF’s Spirit of the Horse, and watch our performances at the President’s Choice Animal Theatre too, so you can learn what I have decided the trot should  be named.


PS Last time I rode at Exhibition place, I ate dirt, so if you like Nascar for the crashes, I am a good bet to watch.


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