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So what now?

Likely the question I am asked the most… what now?

Yes, I do intend on taking another go at the Mongol Derby.  Overall I enjoyed it, and I am not satisfied that merely attempting it crosses it off the bucket list.  When will I attempt to return?  Well that is still TBA.

Also, since my return, I have had several friends wish to do the Derby, in particular join me in a team effort.  That’s one of the reasons the date will be TBA.  I am very flattered that this isn’t viewed as a failure by most of my friends, and that they want to use me and abuse me so we can all get through it!  So stay tuned, there may be some new faces on Eat Sleep Ride Repeat shortly!

Fundraising will continue!  So I will be modifying my Eat Sleep Ride Repeat fundraising tshirts (so there is no longer a date, and it can support all team members), and coming up with a second design.  So expect the first haul of these to arrive in the new year.  I am also squirreling away any pocket change and miscellaneous earnings that come my way.  If you or someone you know want to support my adventures through personal or corporate sponsorship, please let me know (cuthbertson.sarah@gmail.com) I have a long and crazy bucket list that extends beyond Mongol Derby, all offerings are appreciated!  Lets talk!

Training continues!  While its hard to stay motivated when I don’t have a specific outcome, I am going to continue to ride local rides with Bentley, hopefully make my way to the States to do a few new rides there, and continue to hone my skills and improve my physical well being, so when I am ready, its already done!  So the good news is you can always come back here and I will have something for you to read about.  I will continue to make this blog as interesting as I can, and please! Comment with ideas!  If you want me to write about something, or ask questions about anything, don’t be shy!




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