Just for fun – my search terms

At my work, the topic of search terms came up, and apparently there were some pretty funny ones.  So it got me to wondering, how do people find my site?  So we have the ones you would expect, like “Eat Sleep Ride Repeat”  “Mongol Derby 2014 Riders” “Sarah Cuthbertson, distance rider” and other variations and misspellings of those.  Then we move into vaguer horse related searches such as “Horse Colour Wheel” “Ganaraska Trail Blog”  and even as far as “Scruffy Horse in Field”.  But there were some that caught me off guard.

So here we have, my top 14 bizarre search terms of 2014!  Cheers!

14. Aggressive drivers in Mongolia

13. what’s really behind the 5 second rule germs

12. why is everyone commenting riding a bently on facebook

11.being myself in riding breeches

10. nemo cats

9. vih brand horse trailer

8.bovaird drive importants


6.fish in usarah


4.”hangnail is present”

3.cibc doesn’t have stools to sit on for tellers

2. sheep (somehow the second most frequently searched term, next to “eat sleep ride repeat”)

and finally, my favourite search term that has led to my website:

1.”pee badly” trip traffic (you might be surprised to know this was searched not once, not twice, but 3 times led to my website – Karen F eat your heart out)


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