Bring on 2015

I have to say, after my disappointment at the Mongol Derby 2014, the rest of the year went downhill fast.  I mean, off a cliff and into the rocks.  My saving grace of course was my successes with Bentley, which kept me in soft spirits despite the many things that were crumbling outside of my horse life (I felt very many times that I was in Greenday’s Walking Contradiction video, sometimes literally as debris fell around me)

Always the optimist, I am not swayed.  2015: Bring it on!

I have already been at work at New Years Resolutions, which actually started well before New years.  Here is what I am working towards in 2015:

  • Reset my mind and body – I am going to yoga almost every day to free myself from the need to over-organize, over-train, and over-control my life.  I still keep my budget and schedule but it is less detailed, strict, and I feel more like I can accomplish my goals than become intimidated by them and give up.  Guess, what, its been fun too!
  • Athletic Travel of 6000kms – whether it be riding, walking, or running I want to crank my odometer up this year!
  • Stick to my budget – no doubt another Mongol Derby in the future is going to set me back significantly… again.  So its time to start saving up, building the Eat Sleep Ride Repeat brand/products and tuck away bits and pieces as I can.
  • Be good to myself and others – open for interpretation, and I think I do this on a regular basis, but its a habit I want to continue!
  • Attend one ride I have never done before (be it Endurance at a different site, or perhaps pick up a new skill)

So what about you?  What do you hope 2015 will hold?




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